Reporting and Analytics

Complete visibility. Complete confidence.

With reporting and financial analytics from Workday, you get all the business, financial, and workforce information you need in one place.

Management reporting & financial reporting software hero

Filter and drill down on any dimension for deeper understanding.

Choose from a variety of visual formats to view budgets, actuals, and averages.

Manage exceptions with configurable KPIs, thresholds, and visual indicators.

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Make decisions with live data.

In-memory reporting eliminates batch processes so you can reach decisions faster and spend more time on strategy.

  • Make more informed decisions without traditional ETL processes.

  • Create all reports and analytics using the same real-time transactional data.

  • View consolidated financial results anytime with automated eliminations, translations, and retained earnings.

One system, many dimensions.

Gain unprecedented insight into the business and its performance with tailored dimensionality in Workday.

  • Analyze and report on any business dimension across finance, HR, and payroll.
  • Pivot across and around dimensions on any report.
  • Automatically reflect new dimensions in transaction entry, accounting, and reporting.
  • Take action directly from a business process with embedded analytics.





Deliver analytics to your people.

Workday improves engagement with reporting and analytics by providing the right information at the right time.

  • Produce formatted financial statements and regulatory reports.

  • Prepare scorecards with embedded comments and nested reports to easily communicate results and drivers to stakeholders.

  • Highlight areas requiring immediate attention with visual indicators.

  • Prioritize work and manage exceptions using delivered and custom dashboards.

  • View performance anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Be confident in the numbers.

With one security and data model, Workday gives you complete control over your data.

  • Combine your finance, HR, and payroll data to make decisions based on a single source of truth.

  • Maintain one security model across processes, data, devices, and reports.

  • Secure and burst reports by role and organization hierarchies for seamless management reporting packages.

Blend data from any source.

Workday Prism Analytics combines financial data with non-Workday operational data to reveal even deeper business insight.

  • Understand what’s driving your performance.
  • Use analytics to take action and drive performance without changing the way you use Workday.
  • Bring together all the data you need in one place.
  • View blended Workday and non-Workday data in a reporting and analytics framework that's familiar to you.

Learn more about Workday Prism Analytics >

Learn how a single codeline, security model, and source of truth allow us to deliver analytics on live transactional data everyone can trust.