Western Union gains the insight needed to support growth.

With a unified data core and a single system, Western Union has what it needs to support business decisions and adapt to regulatory change.


Western Union operated a complex global network of disparate, on-premise, rigid HR applications with limited users. HR teams had multiple information sources, excessive transactions and a lagging capability set.

Why Workday.

Western Union sought an integrated, cloud-native solution and now benefits from one source of truth with the data, insights and capabilities required to support business decisions, regulatory changes and growth.

Benefits and results.

Systems consolidation.

Benefits include a single system of record for global people data, a modern cloud-based tool, and consistent user experience, as well as enhanced employee and manager self-service, role-based security, always-on audit, system-driven processes, real-time analytics and robust integrations. Eliminated costly third-party support and upgrade expenses.


million in annual cost redirect


saved by eliminating third-party support and infrastructure


saved on upgrades

Functional efficiency.

Western Union simplified its IT environment, reducing manual and transactional administration via automation, self-service and configurable workflows. It realised significant improvements in North America payroll support with the reduction of FTEs as well as an increased HR business partner to employee ratio.


saved by reducing North America payroll FTEs


improvement in HRBP to employee ratio

Improved user experience and increased transparency.

Western Union couldn’t deliver a consistent user experience due to disparate systems and processes. With Workday, the company can now provide an intuitive experience and is realising improved adoption. Using the business process framework in Workday, Western Union removed paper processes with visibility into transactional details and configurable eligibility rules.

Globally consistent employee experience with self-service

Reduced paper-based processes

Increased log on sessions by 69.5%

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