Leadership Development

Build high-performing teams.

Empower leaders at every level with personalized, data-driven tools.

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Foster effective leaders.

Make it easy for managers to keep their team engaged using frequent feedback, tailored insights, and recommended actions.

Unlock your leaders’ potential.

Help leaders improve team performance and develop leadership skills with recommended actions and learning resources.

Focus on high-impact areas.

Enable managers to celebrate areas that are going well and understand where improvement is needed with advanced machine learning.

Remove the guesswork.

Our suggested actions are proven to be twice as effective at improving sentiment than when leaders set their own actions.


Set your leaders up for success.

Priorities and progress tracking.

Personalized dashboards give leaders real-time insights into employee sentiment and focus areas to drive real change.

Personalized learning content.

Unlock leadership potential by engaging them in the flow of their work–including micro-courses, articles, and more.

Suggested action plans.

Keep managers focused on taking action, not analysis, with automatically generated, customized action plans.

Confidential communication.

Close feedback loops with comment acknowledgements and explore employee feedback with confidential two-way conversations.

“It's been most impactful to tie associates’ feedback directly to our strategy and pivot our priorities as a result. We’re more effective, and it shows them we’re listening.”

—Senior Global Director of DE&I

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