University of Virginia builds a shared service model on a unified HR system.

By bringing 3 HR systems into one and reducing 212 supporting apps to 68, the university reduces complexity and costs.



UVA used 3 HR systems, 212 supporting apps, and numerous security models. The disparity required steep learning curves, prevented real-time insights, and increased risk potential. Manual workflows and limited remote access also slowed efficiency.


With Workday, UVA gains one seamless HR system that includes one source of real-time data, one security model, and mobile access capabilities. Additionally, configurable business processes and automation options increase flexibility and enable UVA to support diverse requirements. 

Earns an A+ in HR simplicity and cost savings.

Now that UVA has one HR system, they’re able to create a unified service model for their academic schools, Health System, and Physicians Group, reducing complexity, redundancies, and costs. All 28,000 users can access standardized HR workflows for payroll, recruiting, performance management and other HR functions. Administrators also have greater insight and transparency into resources. 


HR system instead of 3


fewer ancillary apps


reduction in IT support costs

Ensures staff, faculty, and students work smarter.

Real-time data access and self-service, automated workflows save time, reduce errors, and improve decision-making. UVA has also improved recruiting and retention efforts because there are fewer apps and processes for staff to learn and manage. 


improvement in payroll accuracy


increase in strategic work


days to fill new positions instead of 90 days


mobile access enabled

Boosts IT security and agility.

UVA reduces risk and improves security with one standardized disaster recovery (DR) process and one security model with role-based access and always-on auditing. Close coordination between the HR technology and IT teams has resulted in agile deployment of new and revised functionality to support organizational needs.


app integrations instead of 26


security model instead of 3


DR process instead of 22

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