Out with paper, in with clean data for improved decision-making.

“Prior to Workday, we were running payroll on a manual, archaic system.”—Head of Corporate Finance and Risk

Improved access to data, driving deeper insights

Eliminated paper payroll processes

Bolstered employee engagement and tracking

Created businesswide subject matter experts

Archaic paper processes and systems were slowing Giant Tiger’s ability to engage employees and exceed customer expectations. The organization knew it needed to transform across finance and HR to better serve employees and customers.

In this video, learn how Giant Tiger’s digital transformation helps to:

  • Increase employee engagement across the business
  • Remove friction to free up time to work on core value-add activities
  • Improve workflows and access to data
  • Enhance agility to meet customer needs

We need to be agile, more efficient, and stronger at bringing what our customers want, when they want it.

Head of Corporate Finance and Risk

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