Everise unites under a new HR system to refocus on strategic goals.

“No matter where in the world our teams are based, I get real-time information through Workday on all hiring metrics, employee demographics... and benefits information.” —Chief People Officer

Real-time reports on hiring and rates of churn

Tools for managing hiring practices from interviews to offers

A complete view of the employee life cycle from hiring to exit

A knowledge base for building training and retention programs

As a corporate family, Everise is thriving. The company was founded with a vision to disrupt the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry by identifying and subsequently acquiring companies that showed potential in the areas of customer experience. These include C3/ CustomerContactChannels (C3), Trusource Labs, Hyperlab, and Globee.

Collectively as a group, Everise offers disruptive outsourcing solutions to help high-growth companies scale their business, enabling them to be more competitive and innovative. However, after transforming many businesses, Everise realized it needed to make some transformations of its own.

“Workforce management controls BPO profitability, with labor making up a significant portion of our costs,” says Michael Stevens, director of Business Systems at Everise. When Everise acquired C3, it realized it had no access to real-time workforce reports, so it never really knew if too many or too few people were being hired. Sheena Ponnappan, chief people officer at Everise, recognized how hard it was to get data on employee churn rates, segmented by reasons, tenure, age, race, and gender. “It made delivering on key performance indicators, such as our diversity goals that much harder,” she says.

Building a global performance culture.

Everise chose Workday Human Capital Management so it can make critical decisions as a business situation unfolds. Bringing the best people into the Everise family is made easier with data available to assess and fine-tune recruiting and training processes.

Because Workday has an easy-to-use interface, Everise HR & Talent Acquisition teams could quickly adopt it on day one, and self-serve capabilities meant employees could get basic HR, compensation, and payroll questions answered on their own. Stevens says, “The beauty of Workday is that you can turn any Workday report into a web service for the data to be used by other business systems, allowing us to obtain a detailed view of our overall company performance.”

Migrating to remote work.

Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Time Tracking, and Workday Recruiting are used by all employees at C3 and Trusource Labs, now known as Everise CX and PX, respectively. Widespread adoption has been increasingly important as the workforce migrates to a work-at-home environment, where Workday champions can easily manage a remote workforce.

Easing growing pains.

Workforce management and Workday are tightly woven together in the minds of Everise employees: one without the other would be unimaginable. Workday has enabled Everise to harness the talent of its people and proceed with expanding the business to other parts of the world where companies rely on BPO services to deliver their own growth strategies. Results include:

  • Making it easier to grow
  • Introducing dynamic staffing models
  • Refocusing on strategic HR goals
  • Managing a home-based workforce

Guessing is a terrible thing to do in the BPO industry, because the day you start guessing is the day you start missing your KPIs for clients.

Director of Business Systems

Enabling strategic growth.

Part of the Everise growth story includes acquiring disruptive businesses to expand their customer, product, and digital experience solutions, as well as uncovering new strategic outsourcing markets. One of the biggest challenges with this strategy is uniting different company and market cultures. Yet, Everise has overcome these challenges with Workday—ramping its workforce from 3,500 to over 10,000, growing both organically and through acquisitions such as Trusource Labs in Austin, Texas.

Now, Everise is looking to bring Workday to its other companies. Workday can help Everise—with thousands of employees spread across multiple countries—cut through the complexity of managing each market’s distinct compliance and labor laws.

Dynamic staffing models.

Everise is using Workday to bring “dynamism” to its workforce management—which is essential judging by the variability of the BPO industry. In the BPO world, businesses regularly contract services with little notice, and Workday allows Everise to tightly manage and fast-track hiring processes using a single data source for employee details across the entire operation.

HR & Talent Acquisition personnel no longer have to pull reports to analyze candidates interviewed with those selected and the candidates that joined. All that information in granular detail is instantly available on dashboards that track applications to hiring, as well as offer to joining ratios and source of hire. HR personnel can then start tweaking processes if the employee demographic doesn’t align with the company’s diversity goals.

Without Workday Recruiting, aligning staff to our business needs across our locations would be an absolute nightmare.

Director of Business Systems

Delivering back more value.

Because Everise understands that staff experiences count, the company values how Workday frees up time for executives such as Chief People Officer Ponnappan to focus on the big picture. What this means is that she doesn’t get bogged down in routine enquiries or analysis because staff can source information on Workday. Instead, she can receive real-time information and work on devising employee strategies that drive higher employee engagement and productivity.

Everise strongly believes that the value of Workday will increase over time. Stevens points to the Workday Community, which he calls “one of the best things about Workday.” Everise uses the community portal to get people started on Workday and to gradually build up their knowledge. Feedback has been great, and Stevens and Ponnappan are learning a lot from the wider Workday Community user base.

No matter where in the world our teams are based, I get real-time information through Workday on all hiring metrics, employee demographics, attrition trends and reasons, promotion and payroll records, and compensation and benefits information. You can’t imagine how powerful the tool is in helping us define our goals as a company.

Chief People Officer

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