Cerved accelerates digital transformation and takes full advantage of new capabilities

Workday enables leading financial services group to optimise all HR processes in the employee lifecycle – from recruitment and onboarding to professional development and talent mapping.

Improved decision-making from real-time insight

Future-proofing the provision of HR services

Staff have easy access to all learning and training

Empowering managers through data sharing

Cerved’s continuing growth and respect as a forward-thinking and dynamic enterprise are founded on deep economic insight and a thorough understanding of risk and market intelligence. A data-driven company since its conception forty years ago, it is helping businesses, financial institutions and public bodies to deliver sustainable growth by reducing risks and improving both financial credibility and productivity.

As well as being a pioneer of the Big Data ecosystem, Cerved has a large and skilled workforce that thrives on a culture of personal development, shared knowledge and innovative thinking. It was important for such qualities to follow through in all HR support services across the expanding group.

“We turned to Workday because it is a like-minded business and recognises the importance of having easy and real-time access to data,” says Simone Martina, CPO. “The system has made a huge difference to the way we are able to support employees’ lifecycles and enable managers to make timely and more informed decisions.

The effective management and application of data is in our DNA. With all HR data now in one place, service efficiencies, engagement, inclusion and empowerment are now assured.

Rosario Madia, HR Analytics and Reward Manager

The right information at the right time

Delivering the right information at the right time is essential for a progressive company like Cerved. As Simone Martina says, “All HR processes are now in Workday. From recruitment, performance monitoring, goal definition and promotion to self-appraisal, succession planning, training and compensation processes, everything is in one place.”

“We really want to help all of our workforce throughout the employees’ lifecycle, and providing easy access to all of the information they need is at the heart of this process. The reliability and improved efficiencies in our HR processes and the convenience of the Workday app are also enabling line managers to make timely and well-informed decisions at all times.”

Career progression for all personnel

All Cerved employees have all the information they need at their fingertips. And that includes opportunities for reskilling and upskilling which is as important for individuals as it is for the business as a whole.

“Our goal is to provide everyone with clear, easy and structural processes to be as close to our employees as possible so we can support their growth and development,” says HR Analytics and Reward Manager, Rosario Madia. “Workday enables us to do just that.”

“Having now launched the Workday learning module, we have also been able to integrate all of the other e-learning platforms,” adds Francesca Leon, Internal Communication & People Engagement Senior Manager. “As a result, Workday is now the single and unique point of access to all employee learning and training opportunities.”

Knowing your talent pool helps future planning

Cerved knows how important it is for the company to keep its finger on the pulse. This not only applies to its key markets and new generation technologies, but also within the business itself. “Monitoring and analysing capabilities and trends within our employee population is now so much easier,” says Martina.

“It’s vital to know the talent pool available to the business. Delivering an environment where employees can perform, learn, grow and engage with each other provides the foundation to achieve this. We have now created a people matrix that helps us to track and identify the performance and readiness for new tasks, challenges and opportunities. Having such detailed information for a workforce of several thousand was impossible to achieve manually.”

These new capabilities through Workday have provided Cerved with an agile resource that is enabling the group to address any potential skills shortfall and respond positively and decisively to new operational priorities without any delay.

Delivering a future-proof and agile HR resource and mindset

Staying ahead of the curve as working practices continue to evolve is vital for a company that helps clients to turn data into strategic advantage. “Evaluating the future of work is an interesting process,” says Simone Martina. “It also presents an array of new challenges, especially with new technological advances such as blockchain, the ‘internet of things’, artificial intelligence and so on.”

“There is no doubt there are countless opportunities for forward-thinking businesses like ourselves, but the real challenge for HR teams is to harness a reliable data source and use these new technologies to identify trends. Workday is providing us with the support we need as we are now able to analyse data for developing forward insight and informed predictions for shifting employee behaviours and priorities.”

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