Building a high-powered, flexible, and mobile global workforce.

“Workday AI tools help us understand and improve skills across our global workforce and flex with market changes.”—Manager, Digital Transformation, CM&D

Better understanding of skills and abilities across the world

Enabling cross-regional talent mobility and development

Optimizing and improving the recruitment experience

HR Director Wesley Liu and Manager, Digital Transformation, CM&D Jeff Cheng share how Workday is facilitating cross-regional skills mobility and supporting talent development efforts to scale Advantech’s global workforce. The tech company can now:

  • Use AI and machine learning tools to predict and respond to market changes
  • Continually improve its employee experience to support retention and drive better business results
  • Connect seamlessly between different HR functions to ensure holistic people decisions
  • Flexibly adjust and optimize a digital recruitment process to significantly increase its global workforce

Workday is helping us to achieve our core mission of enabling an intelligent planet.

HR Director

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