Our Technology


How Workday works.

At Workday, we built a platform that gives you the power to adapt in a changing world. In a nutshell, our technology consists of five core elements that work together.


True Cloud Architecture

One version. Endless innovation.

Workday is built with a true cloud architecture. This means all our customers are on the same version, with new features and enhancements released every week. So we can scale and deliver innovation with minimal disruption. The best part? No customer is ever left behind.

Scalability when you need it.
With Workday, you can scale up the volume of data, workload and speed. All backed by our hyperscale cloud.

Thousands of improvements a year.
As a customer, you can choose when to preview, test and deploy any new capabilities to minimise change impact.

Security fixes in minutes.
With a security model designed to meet the needs of the most security focused customers in our ecosystem, everyone wins.


A single source of truth.

Our intelligent data core combines external and Workday data in one place. It starts with huge amounts of data flowing into our pipeline. Then, a single service maps, models and manages all that data in real time. As plans change, easily pivot on the fly.

Intelligent Data Pipeline.
Pull external data into Workday at scale – even from multiple entry points – to create a unified hub of financial, HR and operational data.

Intelligent Data Management.
Our object management services map ingested data and continuously manages relationships between it – so it’s always up to date.

Intelligent Data Services.
Data services allow customers to unlock personalised composite app experiences unique to Workday such as error handling, enrichment and summarisation.


Business-ready. IT-approved.

Introducing our completely configurable frameworks. These frameworks free up IT resources and enable business users to make rapid changes on their own – no coding required. Best of all, IT can feel confident that all changes are durable and secure.

Business process made easy.
With over 700 pre-built, users can quickly make business process changes based on structures, roles or security rules.

Machine learning built in.
Machine learning is built into the Workday platform and customers can turn it on whenever they choose.

Security for all.
Security informs the reporting, so that self-service users are only allowed to access data in line with their roles.

Shift organisations on the fly.
Model changes, test downstream impacts and deploy organisational changes in minutes, not days, with full auditability.


Plays well with others.

No platform stands alone. We’ve built Workday to be open and extensible. You can pair Workday’s best-in-class applications with deep best-of-breed industry solutions and other cloud business applications. No compromises.

Seamless from end to end.
When you build with Workday, you avoid integration challenges from separate middleware and app dev stacks.

Extend the value of Workday.
We give developers the tools, integration services, workflow orchestration and more to rapidly extend the value of Workday.

Efficient, low-cost integration.
Benefit from Workday security, data model and framework consistency, plus proven cloud durability and performance.


Works wherever people are working.

At Workday, we think a great user experience starts with meeting people where they are. Our product is designed to work on the web, mobile and collaboration tools like Zoom, Teams and Slack. So your employees are happy and productive.

Employee experience matters.
A more mobile workforce has made employee experience a priority. Workday uses data to better listen and understand their experiences.

Less friction. More productivity.
Automation and self-service remove friction from processes and enable employees to be more productive. Smiles all around.

Workday gets smarter every time.
Workday uses machine learning to learn more about each employee, surfacing personalised interactions and task and process navigation.

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