Plan, reconcile and recalibrate your headcount.

Workday Adaptive Planning Workforce Plan dashboard showing KPI for filled positions, including positions added, cost of workforce and the target cost.


Keep your hiring plans on target.

Our software helps you easily link workforce plans to financial models with up-to-date headcount plans and related costs. So you can keep your plans on track and within budget.

  • Company-wide planning
  • Collaborative workflow
  • Role-based reporting
  • Always-on analytics

Build the right workforce.

Workday Adaptive Planning Workforce Planning Overview dashboard displaying variances of plan vs budget, trends, costs and department headcount metrics.

Focus on your workforce, not spreadsheets.

Spend less time gathering workforce data and reconciling errors on disconnected spreadsheets. Spend more time with your business partners turning insights into workforce models and plans.

Run unlimited scenarios. Select the right plan.

Perform what-if analysis on staffing, compensation, changing business models and more, across business units. Then select the right plan for your situation.

Continuously monitor and recalibrate your plans.

Automatically create approved positions in Workday HCM and reconcile your headcount so you stay in sync with finance and focus on what matters.

"HR collaborates in Workday Adaptive Planning to gather all needed approvals and ensure that they have a budget to hire against."

Transform headcount planning into a winning strategy.

Company-wide planning.

A single planning platform combined with a unified data core enables greater collaboration among key stakeholders.

Collaborative workflow.

Distribute feedback from the business through top-down plans that keep the planning process on track and on target.

Role-based reporting.

Self-service reporting allows managers to plan and track the progress of their people development, hiring plans and budgets.

Workday's People Experience homepage viewed on a desktop computer.

Bring planning and execution together.

For your workforce plans to be effective, you need to pull timely people data from your HCM system. Workday Human Capital Management automates this effort. With HCM and planning in a unified system, you can analyse your talent needs, identify how to fill them and put your plans into motion.


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