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Spend less time data-crunching and more time strategising

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Streamline strategic FP&A analysis, effortlessly

Workday Adaptive Planning provides you with the adaptability and scalability you need to automate organisation-wide planning. That means you can spend less time gathering data and more time crafting your strategy.

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Unlock FP&A agility without relying on IT

We built Workday Adaptive Planning to make your job easier, faster and better. Leverage the built in formula assistant to adjust dimensions and logic on the fly without learning how to code, build scripts or call in technical resources.

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Find real-time FP&A insights without waiting

Our Elastic Hypercube Technology and in-memory calculations provide you with real-time answers. Simply change any driver or data point and see the full impact everywhere – across all models, reports and dashboards, immediately.

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Simplify your FP&A process with user-friendly automation

Our platform is business-user friendly, with process guidance, report commentary and interactive reports and dashboards. We also offer self-service exploration, making planning participation simple for planners of all skills.

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Financial planning doesn’t have to be painful

Get your weekends back with Workday Adaptive Planning.



Reduction in planning, reporting, and analytics cycles.



Increase in productivity for planners.



Improvement in financial reporting and FP&A capabilities.


*Based on average results from Workday Adaptive Planning users.

Everything you need for FP&A planning in one place

Our financial planning software with embedded AI empowers decision-makers to collaborate seamlessly, plan continuously and adapt quickly.

Business-led modeling.

You need your planning platform to work for you – and the unique circumstances of your business. Our flexible modelling lets you adjust dimensions as business and market conditions change.

Real-time planning.

When things change, you need to be able to react – fast. And with Workday Adaptive Planning, that’s just what you can do. Our platform lets you plan in real time, so you’re always ready for a changing world.

Self-service answers.

You need to be able to stay ahead of the cureve. Workday Adaptive Planning brings you real-time financial analytics and reporting to help you and your organisation make better decisions, faster.

Unlimited forecasts.

The best course of action isn’t always the most obvious one. That’s why our platform can run multiple scenarios on the fly, allowing you to refresh numbers in real time – with just a single click.


Intelligent planning.

Today’s finance teams need to make more predictive plans and drive innovation. With AI and machine learning (ML) embedded into Workday Adaptive Planning, it’s easier than ever for you to do just that.


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