Clark County digitises operations to meet changing government needs.

“Workday gives us one HCM and finance solution with one user experience and one security model.” – Finance Director


Completed payroll 60% faster

Cut unapproved spend by 15%

Managed 9,600 fewer general ledgers

Saved $1.6M annually

Clark County’s paper-based processes limited insight and control, created complexity and slowed the operational transformation necessary to meet the needs of a changing world. 

Its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was rigid and hard to use. Making changes required coding expertise, so IT staff had to create change reports, general ledger codes, routing processes and worktags.

With Workday, nontechnical staff can make changes because no programming is needed.

Finance Director

A flexible digital foundation for finance and HR.

Instead of spending $6 million to upgrade its existing ERP system, the county sought a new solution. After evaluating nine software providers, Clark County chose Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). The cloud-native Workday is flexible enough to meet the county’s evolving requirements and is easy to use. Workday can also integrate with existing treasury, banking-management and point-of-pay applications, which helps minimise data silos and extra steps in day-to-day tasks.

With Workday’s built-in capabilities, Clark County replaced 75 disparate sources of paper files with 1 digitised source of data. The IT support team of 6 full-time employees was reduced to 1 full-time dedicated employee who can now support automated workflows and give staff self-service capabilities. The team also benefits from the ability to govern who can access which data – and maintain a record of who views and changes which files.

Boosted agility and response times.

Today, flexible workflows and self-service capabilities give finance and HR staff the ability to gain insights, adjust processes and manage the unexpected – without asking the IT team for help. For example, finance employees seamlessly switched from working in offices to working from their homes due to the pandemic. “When COVID hit, we immediately set up remote management for payroll, receivables and other critical finance processes and continued operating without a hitch”, says Laurie Foster, Clark County’s accounting manager. “We couldn’t have done that without Workday.”

Increased efficiency and cost savings.

New digital workflows cut costs and speed up invoicing, approvals, reimbursements, procurements and purchasing. The county now completes payroll 60 percent faster, and onboarding new hires takes half the time. With Workday, staff can independently update their profiles and submit timesheets, absence requests and expense reports. Business staff can adjust general ledger codes, change request-routing processes and create reports. This year, the HR team also saved weeks of effort during the open-enrolment process, using system-generated notices and paperless workflows. On the first day, 25 percent of employees had completed their enrolments and within 5 days, 80 percent were done.

We digitised our workflows with Workday so people no longer have to fill out forms and wait.

Finance Director

Simplified compliance and reduced risk.

With Workday, finance staff cut 10,000 general ledgers down to 400, increasing control and maintenance efficiency. The budget report is now based on programmes instead of departments, which boosts insight and helped facilitate a 15 percent cut in unapproved spend. Employees can only access information they are authorised to view, and the county has an audit trail of system access and change. County staff are also able to spend more time reviewing and updating policies to improve programme efficiency and ensure compliance.

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