Rochester Regional Health gains insight into physician compensation.

“Workday Prism Analytics will enable us to be more efficient by having streamlined data definitions and access to analytic capabilities.”—Senior Director, Compensation

Contributed to tighter financial management

Automated manual physician compensation reports

Gained stronger performance insight into physicians

Enhanced compliance with fair market value on compensation

Like many other healthcare systems, Rochester Regional Health has various compensation plans in place for its physicians. Before using Workday Prism Analytics, Rochester Regional used a series of spreadsheets to pull together data and reports on physician productivity and to calculate compensation. Not only were these tasks time consuming, but they were also open to potential security risks.

We were sharing data on spreadsheets to support physician compensation analysis from multiple sources, including Epic, Lawson, and Workday.

Senior Director, Compensation

Blending multiple data sources to build insights.

As a long-term user of Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Recruiting, Rochester Regional was a participant in Workday product advisory boards and had early access to Workday Prism Analytics. The Rochester Regional team began conceptualizing how it could help solve some of its most complex analysis challenges, like physician compensation, employee leave tracking, and later, employee safety and testing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An added benefit was that all of the HR information relating to Rochester Regional’s physicians was held within Workday. This data could be blended with additional sources—notably Epic, the network’s electronic medical records application—for detailed analysis in Workday Prism Analytics. The HR and compensation teams could visualize the potential of Workday Prism Analytics to improve their insights into compensation calculations, plus future resource planning and recruitment.

Accurate compensation and productivity calculations.

Various parts of Rochester Regional’s network have been using slightly different data definitions to measure productivity, so it was difficult to maintain a single compensation framework under which physicians could work in any network facility given its growth in recent years.

Rochester Regional is working to better standardize compensation to allow a more efficient utilization of providers in its expanded network during challenging times. It was the first to import information from Epic, along with finance and HR data, into Workday Prism Analytics. “From a regulatory standpoint, we can now demonstrate how we are compensating physicians as compared to fair market value,” explains Jim Hoag, senior director of compensation.

Applying Workday Prism Analytics to multiple challenges.

Rochester Regional can apply Workday Prism Analytics to a wide variety of operational challenges. For example, it can import data from the third party that manages staff leave. It has better insights into which employees are absent, start and end dates, and how many leave hours have been used.

“Workday Prism Analytics has reduced the time needed to consume and display data from various sources,” says Jason Frank, vice president of HR information systems. “It was helpful during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic when speed of design, process, distribution, and security were key imperatives.”

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