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Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small company, Workday has the intelligent solutions you need to thrive. Across finance, HR and planning, we help you overcome the challenge of a changing world.

Companies of all sizes are succeeding with Workday

Four Workday myths, busted

Heard something that made you think Workday isn’t right for you?
We’re here to debunk those myths

Myth: Workday is too expensive and has no ROI for my organisation


We offer low-risk, fixed-fee packages that ensure on-time, on-budget implementation.


  • 95% of customer go live within four to six months
  • Workday Launch facilitates faster deployments resulting 42% faster time-to-value

“We needed to do our full platform deployment across finance and HR in six months. We received really good feedback. The business is happy and engaged with Workday.”– Business Network Builders

Myth: Workday only sells to large organisations


We’ve learnt a lot about your challenges by working with many small and mid-sized organisations. In fact, plenty of Workday customers have fewer than 1000 employees.

“Workday is easy to do. It’s not something that takes two years and costs you literally an arm and a leg. It’s a product that is very scalable and can work for smaller, medium and large enterprises.” – Office for Students

Myth: Workday is complicated, it’s too big and more than I need


With Workday, you get a unified system with over 700 pre-configured processes based on customers’ best practices that keeps things simple – so you don’t need a complex array of apps.

“Flexibility in Workday enables us to amend business processes to adjust for what’s happening in our business at a precise point in time.” – The Gym Group
“Having a system where, at a flick of a switch, anybody could go in and understand what was going on was so important.” – PGA European Tour

Myth: More resources are needed to manage Workday


Workday actually frees up business and IT resources from manual, repetitive tasks. Workday customers report over 320% more time to do strategic work, a 75% cut in integration time and 80% reduction in apps used in manual processes.

“The anticipated time savings will allow us to focus more on value-add activities, such as providing insights and analysis to aid decision making, with less time needed to consolidate and reconcile all the financial data.”  – Phonographic
“We have been able to automate so many processes by using Workday. From OCR to H2H integrations, we are just so much faster than before.” – Designit

“It’s a single, unified system for finance and HR and it’s built that way rather than bolting on elements to make it so. We’re expecting improved process efficiency and less manual data entry, which will reduce errors and improve the quality of our data, thus realising a single version of the truth.”

— Southampton FC

Why Workday

Why do small and mid-size companies choose Workday?

Workday has a flexible suite with quick and simple deployment that enables faster time-to-value – perfect for smaller organisations. Our unified system simplifies the way you do finance, HR and planning.

Why do small and mid-size companies choose Workday?

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