Thales gains real-time visibility and standardised HR processes.

With Workday, Thales has a single system for HCM across four countries and 15,000 employees, improving real-time data accuracy and visibility.


system for HCM across 4 countries


in annual cost savings


in reduced HR system costs


datasheets to 6 standard reports across the enterprise


Prior to Workday, Thales was using legacy HCM systems and decided that it was time to change. To start, the company defined what a world-class HRIS would look like and came up with certain strategic objectives for the project. It was looking for a reliable system that offered consistent, real-time data as well as access to a robust set of people data. Thales also wanted to empower the business by increasing self-service levels. In addition, it was looking for improved organisational effectiveness (including span of control, average salary and demographics), and an agile, seamless system with flexible integrations. At the same time, the company wanted to consolidate its disparate processes. After an intensive evaluation, Thales decided to go with Workday.

Why Workday.

Workday set the stage for an HR transformation within Thales. Thales chose Workday because it provided consistent data, allowed for employee and manager self-service, and increased organisational awareness.

Are we happy with Workday? Yes. Would we do it again? Yes. We are now embarking on the global deployment for 50-plus countries and the rest of the 65,000 employees.

HR Operations Director

Workday in action.

With Workday, Thales now has one system for HCM across 4 countries and 15,000 employees with real-time information, resulting in faster reporting and integration activities. Now, less time is spent on admin, data processing and reporting which is resulting in fewer FTEs, and redeployment into central functions. The company now benefits from improved data accuracy, increased accountability levels, real-time visibility via dashboards, and standardised processes with flexible management to support HR operations. It has achieved improved control over compensation budgets, better master data for a higher level of organisational effectiveness, and increased visibility into absence management across its teams.


in annual cost savings


less time to build integrations


datasheets to 6 standard reports across the enterprise

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