Workday Employee Experience

Listen. Act. Analyze. 

Your employees and their voices should be the focus of your experience strategy. Whether your company is ready for a full transformation or just taking the first step toward listening and engaging, Workday is here to help.

Get started with active listening.

Capture, measure, and respond to real-time employee feedback to create a culture of productivity, engagement, and belonging.

Transform the full employee experience.

When employees are empowered, they do their best work. Give them the tools to succeed in the moments that matter most.

Workday Peakon Employee Voice

Accurately measure your employee experience throughout the organization with real-time insights into engagement, sentiment, productivity, well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Increase employee engagement.

Listen to and understand what matters most to your employees and take swift action to drive positive business outcomes.


Drive DE&I initiatives.

Provide people leaders with insights to create a stronger sense of belonging and improve overall employee engagement.


Improve company culture.

Use our organizational psychology and data science to develop leaders while prioritizing employee health and well-being.


Start listening right away.

Start capturing real-time employee engagement insights without undergoing a full HCM transformation.


Workday Employee Experience Management

Personalized, intuitive experiences keep people engaged at every step in their careers. Powered by machine learning, our employee experience solutions can help you empower, support, connect, and inspire your entire workforce.


Engage and motivate your employees.

Find solutions with continuous listening and people anomaly detection. Use our tools to unearth and solve workplace issues.


Drive long-term technology adoption.

Your tools should add value. Set your team up for success with technology that provides intuitive and insightful experiences.

Respond swiftly and intentionally.

Use Workday Journeys to provide personalized guidance at scale through custom steps and assistance for employees.

Identify and address underlying discrepancies.

By leveraging data and features to eliminate bias in hiring, Workday can help you get ahead of silent culture killers such as a lack of diversity and inclusion.


Promote top talent.

Outperformers are key in any organization—and Workday provides a skills-based career guiding experience to help them achieve their goals.


What is the employee experience?

The employee experience includes all interactions and engagements during an employee journey—everything from  the hiring and onboarding process, to performance management.

Business leaders know that to have a competitive advantage and succeed in the modern landscape, a comprehensive understanding of a positive employee experience is essential.

Workday recommends a weekly, fully automated and personalized employee engagement pulse survey that delivers an engagement score measuring employee sentiment and satisfaction while providing insights into how dedicated an advocate each employee is for your company.

An employee voice solution is software designed to help gather, analyze, and improve employee sentiment. It helps organizations address some of the most critical issues—from engaging and retaining talent to supporting belonging and diversity, and more.

Employee experience defines the journey that each employee embarks on from onboarding to exit, and their experience on every part of that journey. Employee engagement is an outcome that reflects the quality of that journey, or in other words, the degree to which an employee feels connected to their work, colleagues, and the wider business. Employee engagement is one of the fundamental pillars that define and help shape our experiences as employees, and a major contributing factor of a positive employee experience.


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Use engagement to boost your productivity.

Provide the employee experience your people deserve.