Workday for Public Sector

Enabling the Singapore Public Sector to Deliver

Providing Singapore Public Sector with a Secure Modern Platform

Workday Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Spend Management, Planning and Analytics, are the core of the solution that will deliver the strategic outcomes for the Singapore Public Sector.



Creating a Brighter Workday for all.

Support Singapore Public Sector in building accountability and governance capabilities in a single secure platform.

People and Business
Simplify and streamline administrative (HR and Finance) processes within the Singapore Public Sector to drive cost efficiencies.

Model Employer
Deliver an enhanced user experience and improve internal collaboration across Singapore Public Sector departments.

Operational Excellence
Empower staff with data insights to inform decision- making within Singapore Public Sector.

IT Platform

Workday Enterprise Management Cloud: Technology for the Enterprise

HR Software

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)

Finance Software

Workday Financial Management

Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning

AI and ML for FP&A

Workforce Planning Quick Demo

Workforce Planning Quick Demo

Workforce Planning

Plan Your Resilient Workforce


One system to help you manage change.



Take care of your people.

Manage all your HR needs in a single, unified solution which supports Employee Engagement for continuous Career Development with mobile-first self service experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle—from Recruiting and Onboarding to Staffing Changes, Talent and Development opportunities, Time and Attendance and Workforce Management.


Streamline your finance processes.

Rely on a frictionless foundation that is built on an adaptive, global foundation that provides organisations with the core financial management capabilities supporting all the accounting and finance functionality that include Receivables, Payables, Business Assets, Audits & Governance, Budgets & Controls, Billings & Invoicing, Contracts, managing organisation wide spend with Travel Expenses & Procurement and Projects.


Plan and forecast continuously.

Count on powerful Planning and Budgeting tools to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions using an enterprise solution that includes multidimensional, driver-based modeling capabilities along with fully integrated insight into revenue and expense trends and cash flow. This intuitive, powerful application enables public sector organisations of all sizes to collaboratively budget and plan with ease, gain clear visibility into real-time analytics, and streamline complex reporting so they can plan and adapt without compromise.

Workday’s technology foundation
Workday ERP

Underpinning this solution is Workday’s technology foundation, which is unique to Workday, and architected to be continuously up-to-date. Workday was founded in 2005 on a vision of intuitive and user-friendly software supported by a sophisticated cloud-native architecture that would steer away from the two-dimensional transactional data models of the past. This philosophy—along with our unique object-based, in-memory technology—allows us to solve challenges that have plagued legacy ERP systems for decades.

The Workday Enterprise Management Cloud architecture is guided by a foundational set of principles applied across the platform which makes it flexible enough to accommodate the changing world of technology and the acquisition of best of breed applications that provides customers with rapid value:

  • A True Cloud: We use all cloud best practices to their full potential

  • Embracing Continuous Change: Our products adapt to continuous change at all levels

  • Unified Data Core: Transactions and analytics leverage the same data

  • Consistent Security Model: Access to data is controlled by a consistent security mode

  • One Version: All Workday customers use the same version of the product.

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