Uncommon Schools leaves transactional work behind.

“The impact of Workday Payroll has revolutionized what we can do for our teachers.”—Senior Systems Manager, Operations and System Design

Moved from quarterly payments to paying staff on-demand

Reduced the cost of maintaining multiple systems

Shifted out of Excel-based budgeting and planning

Combined core business functions across the organization

Workday provides Uncommon Schools with a scalable, unified platform for managing its core business operations across HR and finance. Christie Chow, senior systems manager, talks about the challenge of managing multiple systems with high overhead costs and the need to unify and consolidate while the organization was rapidly expanding.

With Workday, Uncommon Schools:

  • Combines business functions across HR, finance, planning, and payroll to save time and reduce overhead costs
  • Moves from spreadsheets for budgeting and planning to an integrated system that streamlines processes and reduces errors
  • Switches from a quarterly payment system to paying teachers and staff as soon as they do additional work, which supports flexible schedules

We want our people to look at the move to Workday as leaving our transactional work behind and moving to transformative work.

Senior Systems Manager, Operations and System Design

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