Tallahassee Community College helps every student succeed.

The Tallahassee Early Alert Management System (TEAMS) app helps the college quickly identify students who need support and resources to meet their academic goals.

Increased student retention rate

Seamlessly connected “at risk” students with advisors

Provided college administration with greater oversight

Why TCC chose Workday Extend.

Workday Extend provides TCC with the ability to develop apps that build upon the strengths of various systems and then seamlessly delivers those apps to users within Workday. To users, it appears as if they are simply in another component of Workday—an application that they are already familiar with and in the habit of using.

Workday Extend allows our business area to stay within our familiar Workday environment to process these ‘at-risk’ students, instead of having to access outside applications to achieve the same result.

Application Development Manager

App deployed: Tallahassee Early Alert Management System (TEAMS).

The Tallahassee Early Alert Management System (TEAMS) app allows instructors to record student contacts and referrals when intervention is needed to support the student’s success in a specific class.

When a student is behaving in a way that may negatively impact their grade, the instructor first contacts the student directly. If progress is not made, the instructor can refer the student to an advisor for additional support. At that point, a ticket is generated in the ticketing system used by advisors, which includes a history of prior communication with the student. All subsequent communication between the advisor and student in the ticketing systems can be retrieved through the TEAMS app, keeping both the instructor and the college administration in the loop.

Tallahassee Community College Workday Extend app screen shows a list of the instructor’s courses and interventions for a student

Benefits and results.

Student success is a top priority at TCC. The TEAMS app, made possible with Workday Extend, has helped to quickly identify students in need of additional support and to provide those students with the resources to help them successfully meet their academic goals. This leads to higher retention rates, which benefits both the student and the institution as a whole.

Because the app seamlessly flows data between the systems used by instructors and advisors, faculty can work together to help students succeed, rather than handing off students to another person. Also, it allows administrators to have oversight of the coordinated efforts that support student success.

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