Syncron leads with Workday to boost after-sales support.

The deployment of Financial Management and Human Capital Management lifts Syncron and provides a platform for growth.


Gained excellent data quality by unifying finance and HR data

Accelerated closing periods by 28%

Created 380 reliable bespoke customer reports monthly

Syncron has grown at a rapid rate, playing a leading role in helping clients deliver outstanding after-sales service in sectors ranging from automotive and industrial equipment to mining and construction. It has also been an integral part of the industry-wide shift from a product sales-centric aftermarket to a new as-a-service model, where complex repairs and upgrades are managed on an ongoing basis, often via subscription business models. 

But Syncron’s rapid growth meant the legacy software and repurposed spreadsheets weren’t fit for purpose. The incumbent financial software was hard to use and just as hard to upgrade, leading to all-round frustration among users and across management. Additionally, the newly established HR team needed formalized tools to support the business.

We were fed up with the previous financials system: users complained every day and when we announced we’d use Workday the reception was met with sighs of relief.

Group Chief Accountant

Modern cloud apps provide a solid business platform.

Syncron is now taking advantage of new digital tools to support future growth. Old solutions were a bad fit for a company that wanted to innovate and help to reinvent the after-sales world. By moving to Workday, Syncron was able to radically improve its underlying financials, people management and ability to plan for the future and act accordingly. Syncron is now enabling collaboration to support decisive actions and bold strategies based on hard evidential information, extracted via Workday. 

  • The company has a solid financial base that supports faster closing and time to insight. 
  • Syncron can optimize its HR operations based on systemic processes and knowledge. 
  • By having integrated applications, there is scope to develop operations and further insights across financials, HR and beyond. 

My CFO and I agree: until you stop and reflect, you don’t realize just how efficient Workday is.

Group Chief Accountant

A rock-steady financials platform with faster billing and improved cash flow. 

Syncron selected Workday for Financial Management first and followed that with Human Capital Management. Today, it enjoys the benefits of an integrated system that can be accessed from anywhere and is easy to use. With Financial Management, usability and versioning challenges have gone and the company benefits from a system that centralizes financial data and offers a strong reporting capability. The Syncron finance team now delivers faster billing and reliable data including 380 customer reports per month. This keeps Syncron’s leaders informed on operations and able to contribute to an optimal strategy.

In finance it’s difficult to outshine expectations, but leadership is now very comfortable with our data and able to make more informed decisions.

Group Chief Accountant

An all-new holistic perspective is here.

Syncron’s HR team was previously largely reliant on Microsoft Excel for people management. Today, the HR team is well-established and leveraging mature processes with the help of Workday. With the company growing consistently, this was placing pressure on Syncron to step up and meet the needs of managers, staff and external stakeholders. Today, Syncron enjoys a far more stable, accessible and reliable insight into its people.

Any change is hard, but once we implemented Workday we never looked back.

Group Chief Accountant

A platform for a bright future.

With Workday formally deployed, Syncron is keen to make best use of its portfolio, recently rolling out Talent Management to strengthen its HR and Business Assets for registering and tracking assets of all kinds. There is also a determination to centralize more data and processes on Workday, so it becomes a repository and automation hub for managers and users alike. Procurement is another potential area of expansion, as Syncron extends its Workday domain to adapt fast, automate more and help it address future opportunities and obstacles.

We have a much easier way of tracking personnel data. Our structure is solid and supports the growth journey we’re on.

Director of Global Rewards

Visibility from every angle.

With Workday technology, the Syncron teams are now largely self-sufficient, with greater visibility, automation and ease of use throughout, meaning fewer manual inputs. From a GDPR perspective, there is also greater control. This in turn saves time, reduces errors and bolsters compliance. Just as important, there is now clear alignment between Finance and HR teams so they can collaborate effectively, exchanging reliable, timely data to shape strategy and sharpen execution.

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