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Collaboration, integration, and insight. Sharing HR and finance data across its organization gives Ohio State clarity into its people and processes.

More than 49,000 employees from 15 colleges

26,000+ transactions over a two-week period during open enrollment

Improved collaboration and decision making across HR and finance

The Ohio State University uses Workday to manage and analyze its data, which improves internal operations and empowers leaders to make informed decisions.

In this video, we sit down with Jeff Risinger, SVP Human Resources, to discuss the importance of a unified data model and why Ohio State chose Workday to:

  • Increase collaboration across the organization
  • Drive operational efficiencies by streamlining internal processes across HR and Finance
  • Develop advanced metrics around staffing, retention, and succession planning to make informed decisions

To be successful in higher ed, we have to be adept at managing data. Workday allows us to integrate our internal operations and understand what's going on with our workforce.

SVP, Human Resources

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