Grocery chain accelerates and improves forecasting.

“Workday Adaptive Planning shows us where we will be in 1 year, in 10 years. It’s given us insight into whether or not we need to make changes to get to a better goal.”—Director of FP&A

Centralized accounting and finance

Accelerated the planning process

Improved end-user engagement

For years Lunds & Byerlys managed financial planning with a series of spreadsheets that were time-consuming and disconnected. Moving to Workday Adaptive Planning helped the organization consolidate the process, plan for multiple scenarios, and create forecasts for new goals. It’s allowed the grocery chain to:

  • Plan for sales growth, labor cost, and margin changes
  • Enable 50 to 100 users to analyze, run reports, and manage planning
  • Get better buy-in from end users on the budgeting process

We used to have hundreds of spreadsheets, so creating our model every year took weeks. Changing to Workday Adaptive Planning, the process was much easier and much more flexible.

Director of FP&A

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