All the data you need. All in one data hub.

Invoice analysis dashboard showing data catalogue flow.


Build partnerships and drive business outcomes.

Now your IT team can support all the analytics and reporting needs of your finance, HR and line of business managers.

Connect and blend your transactional and high volume external operational data. Then manage, prepare, govern, trace and ultimately publish that data for reporting and analysis.

  • Single source for data
  • Ecosystem and legacy data
  • High-volume operational data
  • Enterprise-wide distribution
  • Secure, self-service access
  • Single user experience
  • Insight and decision support

One source for financial, operational and workforce data.

Customer call centre manager dashboard showing bar graphs for call centre agent experience and top call centre agents by calls handled.

With Workday, analytics and transactions reside in the same system. Everyone can count on a single source of truth, collaborate on decisions and go where the business is going – together.

See how we empower organisations across industries to answer their key business questions.

Data Catalogue showing table of datasets.

Self-service at your fingertips.

Provide finance and HR with governed, secure access to the data they need.

One security model connected to the system of record.

Permissions ensure that users only see relevant data.

Laptop with data reports rolling out of the screen.

A data hub that drives business.

Integrate any data source, whether it’s ecosystem, legacy or operational. Then automatically blend, transform and prepare it for analysis.

Less time manually putting together reports, with increased data accuracy and controls – what’s not to love?

Supports teams with a single platform for accessing reliable data with simple security.

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