Join a community like no other.

As a customer, you get access to the Workday Community – an inspiring, interactive space designed for collaboration and support.

Group of people.


Power of One.

The power of one community.

Because all customers are on one version of Workday, they’re able to share experiences, best practices and ideas for features in a way that’s simply not possible with other application providers.

150K+ active members.

An opportunity to shape Workday. 

Our innovation starts with listening to our customers. In Workday Community, they can suggest enhancements or provide feedback on designs, guiding the new features we develop.

4,000+ ideas delivered.

A model of shared success.

Customers can connect with peers, partners and experts to get answers, find configuration solutions, and learn how others have achieved their goals.

"We are able to share brainstorms and help improve product gives us a voice in the product roadmap."

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