Living our core values every day.

At Workday, we’ve been committed to our core values since day one. They’re not just words on a page – we put them into action daily so that we can be better in everything we do.

Illustration of scooter workday people with soccer ball


We’re good people, kicking ass, growing to last. In other words, a community of high performers who bring their best selves to work, speak up respectfully and strive to do better every day.

Customer Service

We relentlessly seek to deliver meaningful value to our customers, and are deeply committed to their success. In all we do, we strive for the highest levels of customer and user satisfaction.


To succeed within a fiercely competitive industry, we innovate with urgency, take smart risks and learn from the results. We also make investments that scale and deliver long-term value.


We work hard to build and sustain a culture of honesty. To earn the trust of everyone we work with, we set clear expectations, establish accountability, measure results and own our outcomes.


We believe work should be fun. And that we should have fun every day by inspiring, winning and celebrating in ways that build meaningful relationships across the world.


Profitability is important, but it’s not why we exist. We exist to inspire a brighter work day for all. If we live our values, make smart choices and spend wisely, profitability will follow.

See how we put our values into action.