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Wake up with Workday Nordics

Live 19 August - 30 September

Join our virtual event series, hear live from our customers, and explore everything our single finance, HR and planning system has to offer. Every week on Wednesday we’ll focus on a different topic, so have a browse below and tune in to quiz our customers.

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Workday People Analytics

Live 30 September 11:00 CEST

Powered by augmented analytics, Workday People Analytics identifies top workforce risks and opportunities, and delivers these insights in an easy-to-understand story form. Tune into our webinar to hear our experts outline how, by focusing on the top issues, Workday People Analytics gives leaders the confidence to act on critical trends in their workforce faster than ever.

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Run your Business with Workday

Live 30 October 11:30 CET

Learn how our single, cloud-based system for finance, HR, planning and analytics can help your organisation scale faster, boost business performance and make better decisions to prepare for the future.

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Workday Financial Management

Live 27 November 10:30 CET

Learn how this application can give you a rapid, complete and accurate picture of your business by providing relevant, contextual financial insights on any device.

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Workday Human Capital Management

Live 27 November 12:30 CET

Discover why this application is so popular with our customers. You’ll see why we’re different from traditional ERP and point solutions, and how this application helps you embrace change.

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Looking Forward with Workday: Using Workforce Analytics to Drive Change and Improve Organisational Performance

On demand

How is Workday using Workday Prism Analytics to gain powerful insights that drive action? Come and hear from Workday’s People & Purpose leaders to learn how they're using data discovery, operational data, and pulse surveys to drive impactful change across the organisation. You'll also hear about Workday's latest product vision and roadmap for workforce analytics.

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Looking Forward with Workday: Bridge your workforce plans to finance

On demand

We know you want to place engaged, productive workers in the right place at the right time, to contribute to your strategic initiatives. But each key stakeholder in the workforce planning process will bring a different set of priorities. This webinar will highlight how workforce planning collaboration can only be achieved when finance, HR and business unit leaders are working in a single system, from the same, real-time data.

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Looking Forward with Workday: Fail to plan, plan to fail – every business needs a ‘plan’ for success

On demand

Join us to hear why planning plays such a critical role in driving an organisation’s success, and why employees need to be able to plan and adapt to the demands of that changing organisation.

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Finance Redefined Webinars: Leadership redefined

On demand

The increased demand on finance to create a high-performing business culture means business partnering is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Workday helps finance drive collaboration to enable effective partnerships, resulting in improved decision making, performance and responsiveness to change.

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Finance Redefined Webinars: Talent redefined

On demand

Our research reveals the top barrier to finance innovation and performance improvement is a lack of relevant skills in the finance team. In this webinar, you’ll discover how Workday enables a collaborative partnership between the CFO and CHRO to find, attract and retain top talent.

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Finance Redefined Webinars: Intelligence redefined

On demand

Combining financial and operational data can deliver advanced analytics and sophisticated forecasts to create new insights, leading to smarter decisions. In this webinar, you’ll discover how Workday can help transform finance into a strategic business partner by delivering data-driven insights to all business leaders.

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Finance Redefined Webinars: Resilience redefined

On demand

As risks continue to rise, finance teams are having to manage risks with outdated and inadequate systems. In this webinar, you’ll discover how Workday helps finance address risk and volatility, and provides competitive advantage. With the right data in the right hands, finance can remain resilient through any risk.

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Is your finance/ERP system future ready? Four tips to prepare your organisation for growth

On demand

The right data, the right plans and the right goals. These are the three things executives of medium sized businesses like yourself need if you want to focus on your organisation’s future strategy. But if you’re struggling with any of these three points, Stephen Creech, Workday Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA, will delve into the four tips to help you prepare for growth.

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IDC Webinar

On demand

Is your organisation suffering from digital deadlock? According to new research from IDC and Workday, the answer is likely to be 'yes'. In this webinar, we'll go beyond our survey of 400 digital leaders, which reveals 80% say their finance and HR systems need modernising. Richard Doherty, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Philip Carter, Chief Analyst, Europe at IDC, will discuss the areas you need to focus on to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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