Create unique apps for people and money with Workday Extend.



Develop new business capabilities in the right place.

With close proximity to your people and financial data, and processes, Workday Extend provides the ability to create apps that reduce costs by consolidating systems, help you respond to unplanned needs, and drive unique business advantages.


  • No- and low-code tooling

  • Runs inside Workday cloud
  • Ensures a consistent UI
  • Applies same security model

  • Extends data object model

  • Orchestrates processes

  • Delivers responsible AI for developers

  • Supports app lifecycle and monitoring

See how organisations are building apps to meet their needs.

Build next to your trusted data and processes.

Take the same technology, security, UI and application components that power Workday into your own hands.
Simplify technology and reduce risk.

Retire legacy systems and applications by extending Workday to meet your unique needs.

Orchestrate processes efficiently across Workday and other systems, and eliminate duplicate or error-prone manual processes.

Empower employees with new capabilities that leverage the Workday look and feel, increasing  satisfaction and productivity.

Improve decision-making and operations through new apps powered with trusted data and responsible AI.

“Because Workday data is available within Workday Extend, it’s a catalyst for rapid development and adoption. Team members don’t even realise they’re using a custom app.”

Orchestration Builder is a drag-and-drop tool to build, test and deploy real-time, event-driven orchestrations.

Accelerate app development with low- and no-code tools.

Rapidly build with clicks, not code.

Collaborate and create new apps through an intuitive, browser-based experience offering visual and preview modes.

Deeply extend the Workday data object model.

Rapidly generate new data objects and business processes, protected with the same security you already trust.

Orchestrate processes everywhere.

Our drag-and-drop visual tool defines logic, maps and loops through data, and performs transformations. Optimise your people and finance processes everywhere.

Tap into your trusted people and finance platform.

We apply the same audit and security controls to the apps you build, keeping your data pristine to ensure accuracy and maintain governance.

Dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance.

The UI, data, logic and security of your apps remain update-safe from one Workday release to another – no recoding or refactoring needed.

Deploy and manage apps on a global scale.

Seamlessly deploy your Workday Extend apps across your global workforce and proactively monitor performance.

“It’s easy to make a business case for Workday Extend. We can develop apps on our own, automating manual processes and retiring legacy systems.”

Innovate responsibly by building AI-enabled apps.

Realise a new level of intelligent apps with Workday AI Gateway.

Build intelligent apps using innovative AI services such as document intelligence, skills analysis and ML forecasting, all delivered through the Workday AI Gateway.

Leverage the latest technologies from best-of-breed providers.

Gain the best of both worlds by building with best-of-breed AI technologies from third parties delivered natively in Workday Extend.

Deliver AI-empowered apps responsibly.

AI and ML are embedded in the core of the Workday platform, so developers can build and deliver trusted finance and people apps.

“With Workday Extend, our developers can build and maintain our own apps in HR, enabling us to support important business needs quickly. And now with Workday AI and ML services, we will further grow our toolbox of capabilities to build new apps faster and with less risk because they’re on the Workday platform.”

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