Designed for interoperability.

Workday was designed from the outset to interoperate with other systems and empower hybrid teams of IT and business to accomplish their custom integrations efficiently and securely.

Workday integrations.


Seamless connectivity. Endless possibilities.

With Workday Integration Cloud, you can securely and efficiently connect to your third-party systems – no additional costs or middleware required.

It’s all part of our core system. And secured by our single security model.

  • Workday-maintained integrations
  • Industry-standard API framework
  • Embedded monitoring capabilities
  • Protected via our security model

  • Integrated with business process automation
  • Workday-hosted runtime and tooling
  • AI- and ML-driven skills intelligence foundation

“Workday Accounting Centre has eliminated any misunderstandings between accountants and IT personnel.”

Built-in integrations right out of the box.

We developed Workday Integration Cloud from enterprise-class integration technology and built it into the core of Workday. It’s available to all Workday users and applications.

Two people putting two puzzle pieces together.
Complete support for complex integrations.

With efficient Workday tools for administrators and a powerful IDE for Workday integration developers, you can support everything from the simplest data exports to the most complex transformations and protocols.

Trust is at the heart of all Workday tools, all the way down to our unified global core. Integrations are supported by our configurable security model and can be used directly within Workday business processes.

Workday Integration Cloud powers more than 69 million update-safe integration runs per month, with all connections supported by the same 99.7% SLA availability guarantee.

ENMAX Corporation flips the switch for faster data integrations and app development.

Flexible, functional tools to fit your needs.

We provide what you need to build, test, run, manage and monitor the entire integration lifecycle.

More than 600 prebuilt integrations ready for use.

Connect directly with Workday Web Services and REST-based APIs.

Complete integration platform with runtime and tooling.

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