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What makes Workday HCM different?

There’s lots of things that make Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) different. But our customers love our focus on simplicity, efficiency and innovation. That’s because we reduce complexity with straightforward HR technology your employees want to use.


Simplicity, innovation and efficiency – unified in our HR system

Workday transforms the way you manage people with an innovative, user-centred approach. Our platform delivers a seamless user experience and real-time, AI-driven insights for better decision making.

  • Streamline HR processes with one unified system to ensure a cohesive and efficient platform. Our platform is built in the cloud on a single code line – meaning all customers always have the latest version of Workday.

  • Deploy with confidence and effortlessly connect to your ecosystem with Workday Launch, which facilitates faster and more predictable deployments, resulting in 42% faster time to value.

  • Maximise ROI with outstanding system adoption and performance. Over just three years, our customers achieved 224% ROI.

  • Drive competitiveness. Workday innovates like no other, with around 1,500 new features continuously delivered over the course of a year.

  • Enjoy an outstanding ownership experience. We have a highly engaged user community of more than 60 million workers.

  • The reviews say it all. The Workday mobile app has a 4.7-star rating in the App Store, with over 1M reviews.

Red Question Mark

Traditional HCM solution challenges


We understand the frustration of traditional HR technology, characterised by siloed data and patchwork integrations. It introduces unnecessary complexity and limits your view of the organisation – and your opportunity for growth. But the challenges don’t stop there:


  • Inconsistent innovation delivery: Access to new features depends on the platform and version deployed.

  • Data integration challenges: Disparate applications create significant barriers to unified data management and consistent reporting, hindering efficiency and visibility.

  • Constant re-engineering: This potentially affects reliability and innovation.

  • Fragmented AI engines: Integration issues from M&A activity result in less cohesive AI capabilities.

  • Multiple applications for core functions: This requires the use of different platforms for payroll, benefits, scheduling and learning, leading to integration challenges and inefficiencies.

  • Less intuitive user interface: The design can lead to user frustration and reduced adoption.


Service moves the software forward.

Our emphasis on the last S in SaaS helps de-risk your move to the cloud with service that creates confidence throughout deployment and continuous innovation ever after.


of customers deploy on time*


new features annually**


customer satisfaction***

*Completed on time in FY23

**Workday innovates like no other with approximately 1,500 new features, continuously delivered over the course of a year.

***Workday aims to maintain a customer satisfaction rating of over 95% and in 2022, we surpassed this rating again, as we have for more than a decade

People working.

Is your HR technology holding you back? Then it’s time to change.

Discover how Workday redefines HCM solutions with a commitment to continuous innovation and real ROI. Experience a world where complexity ends and efficiency begins..

HR transformation: From complexity to clarity

Workday streamlines HR operations and eliminates complexity with its unified, easy-to-use platform. This approach increases productivity and brings clarity to HR processes, making complex tasks manageable and straightforward..


Measurable impact for real ROI

With Workday, organisations see a tangible return on their investment. The platform's efficiency and innovative features translate into increased productivity, cost savings and a better overall HR experience – demonstrating real, quantifiable ROI.


Leading the future with responsible AI

Workday is transparent about how our machine learning (ML) models are coded and assessed, always leaving final decision-making to people. With AI and ML built into the core of our platform and a unified data model, Workday powers collaborative views and insight-driven decision making.


Frequently asked questions

Have questions about our automation framework? Our FAQs are here to help.


How does Workday address system integration?

The unified system architecture eliminates the need for module-to-module integration. This simplifies HR processes and provides a better experience for system administrators and users. Workday Integration Cloud also enables secure and efficient connectivity to third-party systems without additional cost or middleware.

Workday offers a consistent and proven deployment methodology with two deployment approaches: Workday Launch and Workday Your Way. Workday ensures that deployments are completed as agreed: on time, on budget and within scope.

Workday provides an engaging and intuitive user experience that’s consistent across all devices, including mobile. This easy-to-use interface encourages users at all levels to adopt the system and use it in an efficient way.

Workday delivers over 96% completed transactions in under one second. In addition, Workday offers a contractual commitment to system performance – ensuring your applications run smoothly and that unplanned outages are a thing of the past.

Workday leverages AI within its platform to improve the productivity and efficiency of HR teams. By tapping into data from more than 65 million users and 629 billion transactions to train AI models, the company offers more than 40 HR use cases powered by AI. The Workday unified data model drives AI innovation across its core application technologies, making AI an integral part of its offering without the need for additional tools or SKUs for machine learning.

The main advantage of Workday Skills Cloud is that it enables organisations to understand the skills and capabilities of their entire workforce. This allows them to develop better workforce strategies by upskilling, reskilling, redeploying and hiring talent as needed. Workday Skills Cloud is described as the world's most open and connected skills foundation.

Workday invests more than 37% of its annual revenue in research and development, demonstrating its commitment to continuous innovation. 40% of new product features in Workday come from user contributions in the Workday community.

Workday manages system updates by providing regular updates to its customers. These updates are designed to help organisations stay competitive and adapt to changing business needs. As updates are rolled out, customers' systems are automatically upgraded to the latest release, and Workday manages the update process to reduce the burden on customers.

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