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If developing talent is so important, why are we doing it in isolation?

Talent is traditionally managed as an isolated system, making it difficult to engage employees effectively. Smart HR leaders, meanwhile, put talent management at the core of their HCM strategy. Not out in the cold. When all the touch points of your HCM system work together, employees—and your business—grow faster.

Learn how Workday puts talent at the core to transform employee engagement and enablement.

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Why it's time to put
talent management
at the core.

In this article, Karen Minicozzi, vice president
EMEA, HCM product strategy at Workday,
explores how talent management at the core
engages employees and drives better
business outcomes.

Webinar: Drive talent enablement and engagement with talent at the core.

Discover how Workday HCM creates the personalised experiences needed to drive employee engagement and enablement.

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Webinar: Why unified talent management beats bolt-on every time.

Discover why a unified HCM system with talent at the core outperforms a bolt-on solution in value, risk, and complexity.

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