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Anticipate what comes next with consolidation and expansion


To be successful in a changing world, organisations must make the switch from static planning to continuous planning.

Continuous planning can help achieve agility and enables you to listen to all your data across goals, performance, processes, resources, customers, competitors, and the wider market.

While static planning is top-down, siloed, slow, and limited, continuous planning is:

  • Collaborative: an inclusive, horizontal exercise, it benefits from company-wide participation. It empowers your teams and operational leaders to create functional plans optimised for your on-the-ground reality.
  • Comprehensive: high-fidelity and cross-functional, it explicitly builds visibility into operational models at every level across your organisation. It builds better visibility and understanding by creating a ‘model of models’. Able to handle large volumes of operational and financial data, the system can help improve the accuracy of your plans and ensure that planning is well aligned with execution.
  • Continuous: for truly fast, flexible, and iterative decision making in a volatile market, planning must be fuelled by a constant stream of trusted data, from across the business. This needs to be integrated into an easily consumable format to allow you to update strategies and plan dynamically as conditions change. You’ll also be able to analyse results in real time – leading to better, faster and more informed decisions and course corrections.

Workday Adaptive Planning has been designed to help companies like Capgemini move from static planning to active planning. How? By providing the best user interface for finance, HR, and operational users and making on-demand reporting possible. Our system allows you to create sophisticated models with ease on a no-code platform.

Model every scenario and quickly respond to change.

Plan continuously.

Rolling forecasts with integrated scenarios keep you a step ahead at all times. Quickly understand your models with visuals that update dynamically.

Plan with confidence.

Don’t react to change – manage it. Our enterprise planning platform lets you analyse variances and course-correct at the pace business demands.

Plan for all outcomes.

Our breakthrough Elastic Hypercube Technology allows you to model just about everything. Leverage virtually unlimited amounts of data, dimensions and scenarios. .

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