Effective forward planning underpins Medtech pioneer’s expansion

“Having the agility, insight and capacity to make the right decisions is critical for turning potential into reality.” – Romain Attard, Chief Financial Officer, TISSIUM

Improved engagement and awareness across the business

Real-time financial insights for a fast-moving enterprise

A smooth transition from research to a commercial culture

Accuracy and efficiency for rolling forecasts and budget control

TISSIUM is on a mission to disrupt the field of surgery and positively impact the lives of patients through the development of its unique polymer technology. With operations in France and the US, the privately owned business has secured over 20 families of patents for its technology, following years of painstaking and world-leading research. The company is now preparing to move from its research-based roots to become a progressive and commercial global enterprise. 

“It is essential that all areas of the business have the right tools, processes and strategies in place so that the future development of the company is not only successful, but is also sustained,” explains TISSIUM’s Chief Financial Officer Romain Attard. 

“To achieve this, we needed to shift from conventional budgeting and reporting practices and adopt a much more dynamic and responsive approach to help us capitalise on the exciting commercial opportunities that lie ahead. 

“With the support of our integration partner Adapt1Solution, we looked at various systems to fulfil our objectives, but we were not looking for a short-term answer. We wanted a reliable long-term solution that offered real flexibility and functionality to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding business. With Adapt1Solution’s guidance and insightful support, we selected Workday Adaptive Planning.”

Continues Attard, “Adapt1Solution guided us through the integration process to help us structure Workday according to our functional structure and business needs.”

Developing a new mindset and new culture for commercial expansion.

Until now, TISSIUM has focused on research and new product  development using Microsoft® Excel for budget planning and consolidation. But now with Workday Adaptive Planning, all areas of the business have greater insights and understanding that aligns with the organisation’s aspirations and corporate vision. 

Workday Adaptive Planning not only enables more accurate budgeting and forecasting, but it also provides management teams with a greater understanding of business priorities and awareness of their role in the company’s future development. 

Workday Adaptive Planning is helping TISSIUM adopt a more commercial mindset and culture without compromising its position as a cutting-edge medtech innovator.

Effective sales analytics is key for a business operating in such a demanding and highly regulated market. Workday Adaptive Planning will enable us to flex and adapt our development strategy as we enter and progress through a major growth phase for the company.

Romain Attard, Chief Financial Officer 

Data consolidation is now faster and more accurate.

With many subsidiaries and a rapidly evolving business structure, using Excel to consolidate financial data was too time-consuming. TISSIUM’s first task was to connect Workday with its existing ERP system, which required advance planning and careful preparation.  

With Workday Adaptive Planning, updating data is now far more efficient and completed in real time, with far less risk of errors or oversights.  

The new system helps ensure that TISSIUM now benefits from more informed decision-making throughout the year as well as the principles of continuous improvement in all areas of the business. 

Workday applications also help the company move quickly and decisively in response to the evolving demands and expectations of major healthcare customers.

Flexibility and agility are the guiding principles.

TISSIUM now has the tools and processes to plan ahead with confidence. Flexible budgeting, scenario planning throughout the year, and effective supply and demand and project planning are now becoming second nature thanks to the versatility and functionality of Workday Adaptive Planning.  

Significantly, any areas of guesswork and assumptions are now being replaced with informed and company-wide insight, accurate data and extensive analytics. This enables the company to respond promptly to the multitude of production challenges and sales opportunities ahead. 

“It is a learning process for everyone in the business, including myself, so it was a conscious decision to provide management teams in all areas of the business with the time to familiarise themselves with Workday Adaptive Planning well in advance of an intensive sales programme,” says Attard. 

“There will always be some hesitation when staff members are confronted with changes in working practices and new processes, but we wanted them to see for themselves just how easy Workday Adaptive Planning is to use and how powerful it can be. We now have the right planning tools in place and we’re moving ahead in the knowledge that our people are more than happy to make full use of the tools and more advanced functions.”

Each day, we’re learning more and more about the capabilities of Workday Adaptive Planning and I am confident we now have the right tools and processes in place for the future growth of the business.

Romain Attard, Chief Financial Officer 

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