A worldwide fitness platform boosts employee engagement.

“Having access to data and insights about our people when talking to senior leadership about the changes we should be making as an organisation is invaluable.” – VP, People

What Gympass needed.

  • A more data-driven approach to new and existing HR initiatives.
  • Decision-making based on real-time employee feedback, not assumptions.
  • An automated way to collect and analyse employee feedback.

Why Gympass chose Workday Peakon Employee Voice.

  • Depth and flexibility of insights. Gympass employees love having the ability to create different segments and measure the effectiveness of specific initiatives in real time.
  • Two-way conversations. Comments provide employees with a rich source of additional data, allowing them to interact with people and dig deeper into specific issues.
  • Diversity and inclusion. Giving employees the option to self-select demographic attributes makes it easier for Gympass to focus on retaining a diverse workforce.

How Workday Peakon Employee Voice helps improve engagement.

  • Facilitate a healthier company culture. Workday Peakon Employee Voice helped Gympass identify and support employee well-being behaviours that lead to higher levels of engagement.
  • Improve communication. The data in Workday Peakon Employee Voice helped validate what they thought was true. Workday Peakon Employee Voice scores now inform leadership decisions on a monthly basis.
  • Create employee-led committees. Teams around the world are using Workday Peakon Employee Voice results to improve the employee experience through employee-led initiatives.

Growth and impact.

  • A portion of the annual bonus for managers is tied to Workday Peakon Employee Voice scores.
  • 5%+ increase in Reward, Recognition and Strategy engagement drivers.
  • 3.5% increase in overall engagement over 12 months.

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