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Orchestrating the recruitment process with HiredScore AI for Recruiting to eliminate wasted time, talent and resources, and cultivate a strategic talent advantage.

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of requisitions covered by existing talent pools


We are in an automotive renaissance with dozens of new models, forms and companies entering the market, creating a huge demand for highly qualified talent. As a large multinational brand, it receives 1 to 2 million candidates on average per year, making it difficult for its recruiters to effectively identify and hire top talent, resulting in the waste of millions of candidates each year. As a result, the automotive’s TA team struggled with prolonged time-to-fill metrics and poor candidate experience, jeopardising its competitive edge against other organisations.

Compounding this challenge was a commitment to transition away from internal combustion engines and have more electric and AI-augmented vehicles to deliver on a future without crashes, emissions and congestion. This required the TA team to become experts in hiring for this new talent to quickly meet its strategic objective.


As this automotive company accelerates into the future, it strategically partnered with HiredScore AI for Recruiting to catalyse its goal of ensuring that no talent was wasted, and every candidate had the best possible experience.

As such, the task was to enhance recruiter productivity and candidate experience without adding additional headcount in the recruiting organisation, and HiredScore AI for Recruiting played a pivotal role. By leveraging AI-driven workflows and coaching, its recruiters could swiftly pinpoint candidates who closely match the job qualifications and move them along the recruitment process.

Consequently, instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, HiredScore AI for Recruiting’s applicant prioritisation AI, Spotlight, proactively delivered the best candidates to recruiters, allowing both new and legacy recruiters to be experts on day one for all the new talent types aligned to the transformation vision.

In addition, the HiredScore AI for Recruiting sourcing automation AI, Fetch, facilitated real-time discovery of historical Workday Recruiting and CRM talent relevant to new roles. This ensured that the millions of qualified talent who had previously expressed interest in joining the company were effectively recycled and not overlooked, reducing the need for poorly converting cold outreach and giving recruiters time back from sourcing to focus on delivering enhanced brand and candidate experience.

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