Life Time Inc. strengthens operations with a unified workforce management system.

Company sees major reductions in overtime costs, manager hours, and annual labor expenses since adopting a new suite of Workday applications.


Reduction in overtime costs


App adoption rate


Manager hours saved each year


In annual labor savings

Every day, frontline team members at Life Time’s health and wellness destinations commit to serving the needs of their members.Providing outstanding service is key to the success of the growing company, which is why leaders want to ensure the needs of frontline workers are also being met.“We have a young and agile workforce who told us they want more control over their schedules,” says Matt Lego, director of Workday Operations at Life Time. “Giving them that flexibility was a big priority.”

Life Time relied on multiple scheduling systems and manual updating of spreadsheets, which made it challenging for team members to take more control of their schedules. “We needed a standardized system that would let them and their department leaders make updates in real time,” Lego says. 


Changes “on the fly.”

Workday Scheduling provided the answer. With more insights into their workflows, leaders can create schedules based on worker demands and availability. Team members can also use their smartphones to build schedules that suit them. 

Team members and leaders had already grown accustomed to using Workday Time Tracking, which has geofencing technology to remind workers to check in and out as they enter and leave. 

Life Time team members had also been tracking and reporting time-off and leave requests, balances, and accruals through Workday Absence Management. They can make leave requests or check PTO balances by messaging a Workday Assistant digital chatbot or using Slack.


We’re literally putting all the scheduling power into the hands of our team members.

National Manager of Human Resources

Consolidated system helps the bottom line.

The use of all these products makes Life Time the first Workday workforce management customer, which brings everything into a fully integrated, unified system.

“Our team members appreciate Workday workforce management because it’s a one-stop shop for time tracking, and scheduling and absence management,” Lego says. “Everything in one system brings a lot of synergy. You can see who is checked in and who’s scheduled but hasn’t, as well as track time, absences, and more.”

The system also offers clear workforce and labor cost insights, and forwards data to HR.

By consolidating operations into one system, Life Time benefits from improved data security and management reporting. Workforce management in Workday is also helping the bottom line, saving $1 million in labor costs annually.

“Providing a better team member and manager experience by making their lives easier has always been our goal,” Lego says. “Workday has helped us deliver on that pledge.”


The Workday workforce management unified system frees up team members’ time to focus on other priorities.

Director of Technology

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