Rising to the challenges of COVID-19.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every aspect of life – how we live, work and interact. As a partner who is committed to supporting you in a changing world, we are here to do whatever it takes to see you through these challenging times.

Learn how we’re responding to the crisis and ways you can navigate this ever-changing environment.

Our response to the coronavirus:
put people first – always.

Since day one, we’ve devoted ourselves to doing right by our employees and customers, and the community at large. Today, more than ever, our commitment stands strong and continues to lead us in our everyday practices.


Steps we’re taking at Workday

The wellbeing of our community always comes first. That’s why we’ve moved Workday Rising to a digital experience, and teamed up with Salesforce to help guide businesses in how to safely return to work.

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Joining forces to fight the coronavirus

In an effort to do our part, we’ve made donations to causes on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis and to communities that need our help.

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A customer community built for support.

To help our customers quickly find solutions to their challenges, we’ve gathered resources across the Workday community, centralised COVID-19 questions and answers, and provided step-by-step configuration guides for using Workday functionality to address their needs for returning to the workplace.

If you’re a Workday customer, log in to ask questions, get answers and access a full library of helpful resources.

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Moving forward in times of change.

During these unprecedented times, forging ahead starts with having sound leadership strategies in place. Read on for guidance on maintaining business continuity and crisis management.

Schnuck Markets: A model of agility in crisis
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Salesforce and Workday CEOs on leading in crisis
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Staying connected while working apart.

With stay-at-home orders reshaping the business landscape, the workforce has become fluid and remote. To manage in this new world of work, you need new strategies. Read on for tips on keeping your employees engaged.

Four principles guiding the return to the workplace
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Preparing for a return to the workplace
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Workplace wellness is more important than ever
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Managing risk through insight.

It can be challenging to plan ahead with so many unknowns on the horizon. But with insight and agility, you can anticipate what’s next and adapt to what’s to come. View the resources to learn strategies for business planning and uncovering financial insights.

How COVID-19 makes finance and HR collaboration more vital
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Five tips for finance leaders on delivering a remote close
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Three steps for planning in a changing world
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Adapting to a new normal.

Organisations across industries are learning that what worked well in the past can no longer meet the needs of today. Get insights on successfully managing change and preparing for the road ahead.

Turning challenges into transformative change for midsize companies
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COVID-19 and retail: Finding the way forward
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Our COVID-19 resource archive.