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Behind the Cloud Episode 7: Creating Digital Identities for a Changing World of Work

While digital technologies have changed how we work, live and play, we still rely mainly on paper documents to prove who we say we are. This hasn’t changed much since ... well, at least the last eight or nine centuries, depending on what region of the world we’re talking about.

That’s why in this episode of Behind the Cloud, James Cross, vice president of product strategy, talks with host and Workday CTO David Clarke about why the current state of credentialing is in dire need of an update, and what Workday is doing to propel how we share information about ourselves into the future.

In This Episode

Why a New World of Work Needs a New World of Identity

How the Changing Workforce Impacts Digital Identity

The Current State of Credentialing

How Workday Is Issuing and Managing Credentials

How We’re Trying to Make This an Open Ecosystem

How to Store and Share Your Credentials

The Two Key Use Cases We’re Seeing From Customers

The Vision for Five Years From Now

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