Unlocking agility for sales and finance teams.

Streamlined Sales Quota, Territory, and Capacity Planning increases Efficiency, Confidence, and Collaboration Across the Organisation

Runs models in seconds

Further enables effective quota, segmentation and territory plans

Forecasts capacity and headcount with single digit variances

Improves collaboration between finance and sales teams

Optiv, the cyber advisory and solutions leader, wanted to give sales planners more insight into their data to better serve clients and further enhance internal collaboration and operational efficiency.

Alex Mueller, Director of Operational Finance at Optiv, says, “Implementing Adaptive not only created a more efficient process, but also gave us a higher degree of confidence in the output.”

Leveraging Workday to implement a systematic process with more automation increased our ability to turn data into insights.

Director of Operational Finance

One vision of success.

While Optiv’s financial teams already used Workday Adaptive Planning, there was opportunity to leverage the full suite of the platform’s functionality to further streamline sales planning. Within six months, sales teams were using Adaptive Planning to manage and set quota targets, turn data into insights and help automate sales capacity.

Collaboration that moves at the speed of business.

Operating with the same real-time data has been transformative in fostering collaboration between finance and sales staff. This, in turn, has improved Optiv’s planning and business agility.  Mueller says, “Because it only takes a few seconds to adjust various assumptions now, finance and sales teams can jointly explore different models or scenarios and how they could impact the business.”

With Workday, planners can change a value in a multi-dimensional model and get updated numbers in seconds.

Director of Operational Finance

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