HR strategy at Franprix now mirrors the group’s innovative retail model.

The power, versatility and popularity of Workday improved employee communication and engagement for this expanding retail group.

Comprehensive and effective communication with entire workforce

Collaboration is now second nature

All HR information is now fully digitised and readily accessible

Employee experience received a major boost

It was essential for Franprix to have the right HR strategy and processes to support the group’s continuing expansion. Not only did the HR solution need to be future-proof, but it also had to cover the entire HR cycle, as well as provide comprehensive staff communication capabilities, easy access to information and seamless employee interactions.

After assessing different software platforms, Franprix opted for Workday because the system is user-friendly and versatile. Workday was introduced in phases following a rigorous planning process, and now underpins the positive employee experience at Franprix. The company is now fine-tuning its HR processes to take full advantage of the power, autonomy and flexibility Workday provides, and to further extend interaction with staff.

We can now communicate with our entire workforce in a comprehensive, structured and unified manner and I’m delighted that Workday is proving to be such a popular and effective platform for all employees.

Jonathan Goldfarb, Director of Recruitment, Training and Digital Projects, Franprix

HR processes are now an extension of the group’s innovative culture.

The transformation of HR processes using advanced technology was extremely important for Franprix, as the HR systems were trailing behind the company’s outstanding reputation for business innovation.

With Workday, Jonathan Goldfarb and team now have a versatile digital skeleton to support the retailer’s HR strategy and promote far more effective and progressive interaction with staff. “Significantly, the new system is based on true cloud architecture,” Goldfarb says. “And it benefits not only from a particularly slick graphic interface, but is also readily accessible and easy to use for all employees. It has also led to much closer collaboration between the Information Services Division and HR, which has helped to overcome the risk of siloed working practices and provided a truly networked solution.”

Improved talent retention.

Workday enables Franprix leaders to communicate with the entire workforce in a comprehensive, structured and unified manner.

“Previously, employees didn’t have access to tablets or smartphones, and there was only one in-store PC,” says Goldfarb. “That has all now changed. The access to information really couldn’t be simpler and it’s so easy for individuals to do everything on their smartphones – from arranging annual assessment interviews to salary advances and training course enrolment. With everyone now having everything at their fingertips, the new system has proved to be really popular, and there has been a significant improvement in staff retention.”

Rising to retail challenges with confidence.

The big challenge for all retailers is being able to keep pace with changes in e-commerce. For Franprix, there is also the need for its stores to fulfil the group’s local community commitment and ensure every store benefits from dynamic and constantly evolving customer support functions and services.

Workday feeds and supports this retail model as everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the employee community. “It all amounts to a new HR culture,” says Goldfarb. “It is about being well connected and being able to ‘think outside of the box’ through a more liberated and autonomous approach. The response from staff and the positive outcomes really do speak volumes for the effectiveness of the solution.”

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