Bangchak empowers teams by putting data at their fingertips.

“Everything in the old system was difficult to do. Generating reports took a lot of time and money and the employee experience wasn’t smooth.” – Senior HR Specialist

Seamless employee experience with minimal cost and complexity

User-friendly console and flexibility to access data

Strengthened communication and accelerated career advancement

Reduced time required to make major changes in the system

Like many Thai businesses, Bangchak had been using paper documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and configured IT systems from disparate vendors to manage its employee records. The chain of execution was long and complex, so even simple requests took days to complete. When executives requested a dynamic report on headcount, for example, HR teams had to ask IT, who then approached that system’s vendor to create the report. Overlapping systems with conflicting interfaces resulted in frequent bugs that were difficult to trace and fix.

Bangchak’s CEO wanted HR to be more strategic and set the example for digital transformation. He advocated for a standardised system that would allow employees to better connect and work from anywhere.

A cloud-based system enables remote work.

Bangchak chose Workday Human Capital Management because it’s 100 percent in the cloud, with automatic updates twice a year. Employees can directly access data and HR can create reports independently, reducing their reliance on IT and outside vendors. Apiradee Pravinvongvuth, senior HR specialist, says, “I like Workday because of the look and feel of the system. It’s very easy to use and understand.”

Company leaders connected with existing Workday customers in Thailand, who readily shared their success stories using the system. They have since created a community of Workday users in the country who often connect to share best practices. HR also values Workday’s 24-hour support model.

Making data-driven decisions.

With Workday, employees at all levels at Bangchak can readily access data on the organisation and their colleagues from anywhere.

Furthermore, Bangchak has reduced complexity and cost by streamlining its IT vendors. Having one standardised human capital management system from Workday has eliminated the errors that plagued the organisation and wasted valuable time. Executives benefit from having real-time updates at their fingertips to make data-driven decisions about headcount, succession planning and compensation. Results include: 

  • Achieved 95 percent mobile adoption rate and 100 percent PC adoption rate with Workday 
  • Strengthened communication and accelerated self-driven career advancement 
  • Reduced time required to make major changes in the system from five days to two

It gives us a sense of security that we can always reach out to Workday. We no longer have to wait for different vendors to make time to come and look at our systems.

Senior HR Specialist

Achieving a remote work culture.

The ability to review employment information on the go has given Bangchak’s employees’ greater flexibility, which has become critical during the COVID-19 crisis. Refinery workers used to have to come into the office and queue for shared computers to check their pay slips and complete leave paperwork. Now, they can securely access and submit forms from their mobile phones. Likewise, managers can message their teams on their mobile devices to provide real-time updates.

With Workday on the cloud, employees have the necessary tools to work 100 percent from home. Bangchak fully closed its offices during the COVID-19 pandemic, and during that period HR did not receive any phone calls or reports of issues using the system. “Having access to HR information on Workday has become invaluable during these challenging times”, says Pannasarn Suthitivanich, senior HR specialist.

Digitising the recruiting process.

Workday Recruiting allows Bangchak employees to view and apply directly for open internal positions, taking control of their careers rather than calling on HR for help.

Pravinvongvuth and the HR team are now working on designing dashboards for executives and ways for employees to “have more fun in the system” with onboarding and mentoring tools. She says, “With Workday promoting transformation within HR, the team is now more strategic and independent.”

By using a cloud-based HR system like Workday, we are in a good position to adapt to continual changes and events such as the COVID-19 crisis.

VP of HR Management

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