Aon delivers a fully remote financial close in 120 countries.

Having struggled with the financial close complexities caused by multiple legacy systems, Aon now uses Workday to support a smooth, on-time close.

15 different systems integrated into 1

Real-time data and drill-down capabilities

On-time close in 120 countries

Some countries close ahead of time

Rishi Mehra, CFO, Asia, shares how Workday enabled Aon to move from multiple legacy systems to a single, global platform across its revenue portfolio. Now Aon’s finance team can:

  • Manage a smooth, fully remote financial close across 700 legal entities
  • Help the business to make better, evidence-based decisions
  • Provide the business with streamlined, automated processes, such as expense management, that are proving to be a welcome change

It was a great experience because the Workday team was in there with us, solving issues as we went along.

Rishi Mehra

CFO, Asia

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