Organisational changes at the speed of business.

Organizational insights dashboard showing bar graphs for global footprint and top five skills by location. 2020R1


Structure your business for change.

Today, change happens fast. With organisation management in Workday, you can model business changes, act on data-driven insights and adjust to evolving market conditions. 

We combine org modelling with the seamless ability to execute, empowering your organisation to stay agile in the face of change.

  • Flexible and custom org structures
  • Reorganisation modelling and execution
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Mass action to execute change
  • Collaborative, secure environment

“We looked at Workday as part of a bigger puzzle so that it would effectively support our future acquisition initiatives.”

Dashboard showing team members being moved into new organizations. 2020R1

As dynamic as your business.

Our flexible organisation management capabilities empower you to manage all kinds of organisation types, model reorgs and complete M&A at the speed business demands.

Designed for flexibility.
Quickly build organisational structures that reflect how you do business and view them as dynamic org charts.

Built for insight.
Run reports for any organisation type, explore key metrics in the context of your org chart, then adjust based on what you see.

A woman sitting cross-legged and a man holding a pie graph.

Intuitive and easy to use.

Model potential changes with a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface, see how metrics change with each scenario, then use mass action to execute all your changes in one fell swoop.

75% reduction in time to execute an organisational change.

Custom structures unique to you.

Workday gives you the ability to manage traditional, hierarchical and collaborative organisations alike. But if you need more options, we enable you to create custom organisations that work for your business. Structures you can customise include:

  • Supervisory
  • Matrix orgs
  • Cost centre
  • Geographic

Organisation charts that empower action.

Cost center org chart in Workday human capital management. 2020R1
Make more informed decisions.

Understand what your organisation looked like last year, what it looks like today and how it could look a year from now. Then use the insights to make better decisions for your business.

Act on what you see.

Preview each worker profile to know more about them, then take action – from giving feedback to promoting your people.

Enable security with every change.

Our single security model means that security adapts with the changes you make. So everyone gets the right access to see what they need to see.

“At a meeting, our president held up his phone and shared that he uses Workday to see organisation charts and understand employees better.”

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