AI for recruiting that delivers real value.

The talent landscape changes fast, and you need to be able to adapt. From boosting productivity and decreasing bottlenecks to achieving quantifiable outcomes—HiredScore AI for Recruiting with Workday delivers the agility your business needs.

HiredScore AI for Recruiting’s Spotlight inbox identifies top talent fairly and efficiently through unbiased, AI-driven candidate grading.

What You Can Do

Capabilities you can count on.

Intelligent workflows and smart action alerts empower recruiters and hiring managers to hire faster and smarter. With a trusted, powerful AI coach, HiredScore AI for Recruiting elevates decision-making and optimizes outcomes from day one.

  • Prioritization of top talent

  • Streamlined talent rediscovery

  • Guidance to high-value tasks

  • Frictionless process adherence

  • Real-time diversity insights

  • Seamless workflow with Workday Recruiting

  • Improved HR and business collaboration

HiredScore AI for Recruiting integrations provide actionable insights in the flow of work for smarter, faster hiring.
What Sets Us Apart

Unlocking iconic outcomes.

Leveraging responsible AI, automation designed for HR, and deep integrations, HiredScore AI for Recruiting provides actionable insights in the flow of work for a seamless, focused approach to hiring.

Prioritize top talent.

Prioritize the most qualified candidates and ensure fair and efficient talent practices through unbiased, AI-driven candidate grading.

Surpass traditional sourcing.

Automatically rediscover highly qualified, likely-to-apply talent for open roles from your existing talent pools, including past applicants, CRM leads, and employees.

Focus on high-value tasks.

Receive AI-driven, timely notifications that help busy recruiters complete tasks quickly and spotlight moments that matter to maximize business outcomes.

Drive inclusive hiring.

Real-time diversity insights are seamlessly integrated into your recruiters’ workflow—giving them greater visibility and removing the constraints of retrospective metrics.

Empower hiring managers.

Accelerate the hiring process by meeting hiring managers in the flow of work in Microsoft Teams. And empower them to be better partners and drive better outcomes with intelligent AI coaching.

Over 11 years of success and counting.

With our 11+ years of delivering AI technology for talent acquisition, providing availability in over 150 countries, and supporting some of the most innovative organizations around the world—our leadership in AI for HR is unparalleled.


increase in recruiter capacity within 10 months of launch.


role coverage from existing talent pools for a Fortune 100 automotive company.


faster hiring manager reviews for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company.

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