Help your people meet their full potential.

Deliver the greatest possible impact with a workforce primed to perform. Explore our AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities to learn how we help you do just that.

  • Experience and Engagement

  • Skills-Based People Strategy

  • Workforce optimisation
  • Workforce analytics and planning

  • HR Service Delivery
  • Belonging and Diversity
  • Evolution of Work

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“Machine learning is a fascinating technology, and it enables us to do things that in the past we could only have dreamed of. It’s supporting the identification of talent and skills gaps in the organisation.”


Create more engaging employee experiences.

Powered by ML, our personalised and intuitive experiences keep people engaged at every step in their careers. Empower, support, connect and inspire your entire workforce with our experience solutions.

Employee experience trends.

The four Cs of employee experience.



Attract and develop the right skills across your workforce.

Workday Skills Cloud, the world’s most open, intelligent skills foundation, empowers organisations to make data-driven decisions around talent and staffing, and to enable leaders to plan their immediate and future workforce.

Skills and talent trends.

A skills-based approach.

Learn more about our Skills-Based Talent Optimisation solution.


Maximise your people’s performance.

Optimise, augment and support your people with ML-enabled process automation and AI-powered decision support. See the impact of pairing people with technology to unlock the value of your total workforce.

Workforce optimisation trends.

The full picture of your workforce.


Make smarter decisions and plans with data.

Quickly analyse data to identify trends, risks, and opportunities within your workforce. Use these insights to keep leaders informed, provide managers with personalised action plans, and help your people and business thrive.

Adapt quickly and strategically.

Planning for changing needs.

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Deliver smarter, best-in-class support.

Put people at the centre of HR. Enabled by AI, our service delivery solution helps you personalise HR services for each worker, preempt case creation with on-target answers, and lighten the load on your team.

People-first HR solutions.

HR service delivery trends.

Learn more about our Belonging and Diversity solution.


Build a workplace where everyone belongs.

Go beyond good intentions and reach your belonging and diversity goals. With our VIBE™ (Value Inclusion, Belonging and Equity™) approach paired with the pristine data in Workday, you can get detailed insights to build a better workplace for all.

Belonging and diversity trends.

Inclusive workplace tools.



Predict and prepare for what comes next.

The future of work is here, and it’s transforming the workplace. Forward-thinking enterprises are already using AI embedded in Workday to deliver better employee experiences, improve operational efficiencies and provide insights for faster decision-making.

Returning to workplace trends.

Flexible return-to-work strategies.

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