Tap into the power of your people.

Skills insight dashboard showing graphs for top skills in organisation, top 5 skills by location and missing skills based in open job reqs.


Know the talent you have. Find the talent you need.

Get a complete view of your talent – and a deeper understanding of how to make the most of it. 

Check out Getting the Basics Right to learn the five necessary steps to create stronger employee development.

  • Skills management
  • Career development planning
  • Goal management
  • Performance enablement
  • Talent visibility
  • Talent pipeline
  • Internal mobility

“The team is excited about how quickly we’re able to deploy innovations, staff roles and move talent internally within our teams.”

Opportunity marketplace screen showing top opportunities for you.

Engage your employees while building your business.

Workday offers smart solutions to align your employees’ goals with your organisation’s objectives. So you and your workers can flourish together.

Develop your talent.

Empower your team members with a broad range of career development tools, including talent reviews, job interest assessments, opportunity graphs and a talent marketplace.

Identify tomorrow’s leaders today.

Create hiring plans, manage succession pools and candidate data, and compare talent. Identifying the people who are equipped to lead your business has never been easier.

Nurture a culture of excellence.

From setting goals to scheduling check-ins, Workday helps employees and managers keep the lines of communication open – so everyone can perform to their full potential.

Mobile phone showing employee profile with skills and suggested skills.

Understand the skills of your workforce.

Skills are the new currency in the world of work. 

That’s why we built the skills cloud in Workday to help you gain insight into employees’ strengths, identify skills gaps and guide development experiences.

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