Unum predicts and meets customer needs with finance transformation.

“The more that we can free up employees’ time to make that human connection and not have to worry about paperwork, the better we can serve our customers.”—Chief Financial Officer

Reduced reporting systems from 39 to 17

Saved $5 million in annual costs

Decreased time for financial year-end roll forward from 3 days to 1 hour

The office of the CFO is better known for its focus on reporting and looking back. But for benefits provider Unum, its direction of choice is forward—looking around corners and accurately predicting customer and organizational needs.

In this video, we hear from chief financial officer Steve Zabel about how Unum partnered with Workday to drive people-powered technology transformation in order to:

  • Drive organizational agility thanks to a holistic view of financial health

  • Free up time from cumbersome tasks so employees can focus on high-value solutions

  • Prioritize human connections, supported by technology

We are able to predict and look around the corner where needs are going to be the greatest.

Chief Financial Officer

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