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Empower your workforce with Workday Skills Cloud.

Embedded with machine learning, Workday Skills Cloud enables agility and adaptability across your workforce, at every step.

Hire the best.

Expand candidate pools by finding talent based on skills, not just job titles, with Workday Recruiting unified with Workday Human Capital Management.

Reskill and upskill talent.

Develop skills through tailored learning experiences with Workday Learning that informs content recommendations throughout Workday.

Sync talent with opportunity. 

Help employees grow with Career Hub, a talent marketplace powered by Workday Talent Optimisation that suggests roles based on their skills.

Understand the whole story.

Gain workforce insights specific to role and paired with narrative explanations with Workday People Analytics, so you can make critical workforce decisions with confidence.

Connect all types of data.

Ingest and transform data, from any source, with Workday Prism Analytics for better decision-making and a unified understanding of your workforce.

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Tap into the power of skills across Workday.

Discover how we weave our unmatched skills technology into our products, helping you deliver more value to your workforce from day one.


Hire from a larger talent pool.  

Expand talent pools with AI- and ML-driven job recommendations and support candidates by suggesting skills they might not know they have.


Expedite the hiring process. 

Automatically surface candidates with the right skills to your hiring team so that they can quickly identify key applicants and accelerate the hiring process.


Build strong connections to your brand. 

Create a seamless experience, from candidate to hire, by populating new hire profiles with their skills data from day one. 

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Provide curated experiences at scale.  

Create rich, tailored learning experiences by surfacing learning content that is personalised so employees can develop the skills they need, faster.


Deliver learning strategies to reskill talent. 

Identify skills gaps, measure reskilling efforts and track improvements across employee groups, and deliver helpful content based on this analysis. 

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Enable employees to own their career growth.  

Help your workforce grow with personalised development experiences, talent reviews, job recommendations and a talent market designed to empower the individual.


Create connections more quickly. 

Suggest networking opportunities based on the skill similarity of the employee’s profile skills to the skills profile of the potential connection.

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Focus your efforts, faster.

Provide business leaders with secure and personalised insights about their top opportunities and risks through augmented analytics prioritisation.


Read the whole story. 

Workforce insights are tailored to role and paired with narrative explanations so you can make critical workforce decisions with confidence.

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Leverage all data sources.

Combine data from external sources, including market data, to analyse worker skills gaps across your organisation.


Keep it secure. 

Gain a complete trending analysis of your historical financial and HR data, and consolidate and optimise your workforce costs – all in one secure location.


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Learn how our customers use Workday Skills Cloud.

Launched skills in 152 countries and across a workforce of 328,000.

Automated the hire-to-retire lifecycle with innovation.

Gained insight into skills to better develop talent.

63% increase in Talent Marketplace gigs over 8 months.

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