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Lead your team to greatness.

Easily plan for, recruit, and develop talent using a single system: Workday Human Capital Management (HCM).

Workday provides complete visibility into your global workforce and a user experience that's accessible from anywhere. So you can keep your people engaged while helping them adapt and grow.

An inspired approach to HCM.

Use one version of a single system across your entire organisation.

Engage your people on their preferred device.

Gain the agility to take action or respond to changes on the fly.

Make better business decisions based on contextual insight.

Get a full view of talent, labour, and cost with an HCM application that's one with finance and payroll.

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Human resource management.

Manage the full worker life cycle – from staffing to compensation to career growth – using a single human capital management system.

  • Create, model, and execute reorganisations in a single flexible interface.
  • Allow your teams to define and manage business processes to meet their needs.
  • Provide a consistent, engaging, and social experience across all devices.
  • Ensure global consistency and allow for local variation.

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Reporting and analytics.

With workforce analytics embedded throughout Workday HCM, you can accurately interpret data and take action directly.

  • Quickly see what’s driving metrics with contextual reports and dashboards.
  • Provide executives with insights on any device to understand organisational health.
  • Drill down to the transaction level and take action from a report, dashboard, or scorecard.
  • Increase insight with augmented analytics.

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Global compliance.

Keep up with regulatory changes around the globe. Workday is built with compliance in mind.

  • Confidently embrace new compliance and regulatory changes.
  • Protect sensitive data and set guardrails for complex business processes.
  • Meet business-specific needs with easy configuration.
  • Practice globally while managing locally.

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Audit and internal controls.

Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of internal and external audits with audit and internal controls built directly into the system.

  • Get a comprehensive record of transactions with complete audit trails.
  • Easily aggregate transactional and operational records for audits.
  • Reduce cost and maintenance complexity with built-in security controls.
  • Use live data to make better business decisions.

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Workforce planning.

Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud enables you to optimise your workforce plans and quickly adapt to change.

  • Surface data on transfers, planned hires, and attrition to get an accurate picture of your workforce.
  • Automatically integrate salary band data from third-party sources.
  • Identify and model scenarios to align skills with strategic initiatives and operational plans.
  • Collaborate on top-down and bottom-up plans with key stakeholders and address variances.
  • Assign, manage, and track planning tasks to deliver the optimal plan on time.

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Quickly find the best and brightest and nurture candidates with a consistently engaging experience.

  • View analytics on your current talent pool to guide recruiting.
  • Collaborate with the whole hiring team on any device.
  • Search both external and internal talent to fill positions and retain employees.
  • Plan, hire, and onboard using a single HCM application.

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Talent management.

Align talent, foster mobility, and develop tomorrow’s leaders with Workday Talent Management.

  • Empower employees to build connections, seek guidance, check-in regularly, and design their career path.
  • Measure engagement and company culture with pulse surveys.
  • Manage feedback, performance reviews, development interests, mentors, and goals for your entire workforce.
  • Create succession plans for essential jobs in your organisation.
  • Identify retention risk trends so you can retain top performers.
  • Show internal opportunities to those looking to expand skills and experiences.

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Engage employees at every stage in their career through shareable learning experiences on any device.

  • Manage all aspects of learning for internal and external workers, from informal learning to compliance training.
  • Deliver interactive video content on any device.
  • Create personalised learning paths, content, and programmes to drive engagement.
  • Connect to external content to access even more knowledge.
  • Measure learning effectiveness with built-in, actionable reporting.

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Get the tools you need to design competitive packages that attract and retain talent anywhere.

  • Define packages, plans, and programmes using data from Workday and the marketplace.
  • Plan, analyse, and execute compensation plans using a single source of data.
  • Easily create compensation plans with flexible location profiles and currency options.
  • Use data to facilitate compensation reviews and invest in valuable team members.

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Payroll management.

Workday Payroll meets the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs for the US, Canada, the UK, and France. In other countries, Workday gives our customers several ways to seamlessly manage and pay their global workforce.

  • Leverage Workday as your single system of record for HCM and payroll.
  • Instantly view global labour costs to improve operational and financial planning.
  • Integrate with any third-party payroll provider to securely bring payroll actuals and payslips into Workday.

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Time and absence management.

Manage your entire workforce, anytime, anywhere, with a truly mobile system.

  • Reduce compliance risks by automating rules and calculations.
  • Easily track and analyse your team’s time-off requests.
  • Turn insight to action and efficiently manage your workforce.

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Make expense entry and reporting easier by providing everyone in your organisation with an intuitive experience.

  • Capture receipts and submit expense reports on any device.
  • Reduce administrative work by using employee data in Workday HCM.
  • Automate expense management processes while maintaining control.
  • Gain real-time visibility into employee spend with multidimensional analytics.

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People experience.

Unlock the productivity and potential of every user.

  • Grant employees faster access to information and tasks to increase productivity.
  • Bring Workday data, actions, and insights into users’ preferred workspaces.
  • Deliver a concierge-style experience during moments that matter.
  • Quickly answer users’ questions with enterprise search, Workday Assistant, and knowledge base.

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Talent marketplace.

Strategically manage your talent resources.

  • Seamlessly connect your employees’ skills and interests with the right internal opportunities.
  • Create transparency for project owners, managers, and employees.
  • Support employee growth and boost engagement through proactive recommendations.

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