See your people in a whole new way with workforce analytics.

People Analytics dashboard with Organization Composition tab showing graphs for headcount, organizational depth, and promotion average and gaps.


Gain a comprehensive view of your workforce.

Identify risks, reveal opportunities, discover trends, and drill into contributing factors. Workday provides workforce analytics and transactions in a single system, helping you uncover what to prioritize and where to invest your valuable resources.

  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Automated analysis
  • Drill downs and drill arounds
  • Configurable drag and drops
  • External benchmarking

Get total visibility into key HCM topics.

Access thousands of reports and hundreds of dashboards—all of which can be configured—to report on skills, performance, talent acquisition, diversity, total rewards, and more.

Employee experience sentiment dashboard showing levels of employee experience and experience levels by people leader.
Understand skills.

Our machine learning helps you infer skills for employees based on job titles, work experience, feedback, past learning, and any worker-specific attribute.

Measure well-being.

Monitor trends in employee sentiment with pulse surveys. Workday allows you to measure everything from daily  experiences to their sense of belonging.

Improve talent acquisition.

Identify opportunities to improve the recruitment process and illuminate bottlenecks in your hiring process.

Address diversity gaps.

Gain deeper insights into organizational demographics, pay equity, time-to-promotion, turnover, and more to help your company build belonging and diversity.

“Organizational visibility and transparency have enabled management’s decision-making on people moves and interdepartmental issues.”

Understand your workforce.

Get a complete picture of your people and their skills, well-being, and location. With our data hub, you can blend data from any source with data from Workday to gain insight like never before.

“With Prism Analytics, the power is being able to drill down to the employee level and know exactly what’s driving your labor costs.”

See what’s happening and act fast.

Trends can often take shape in the blink of an eye. That’s why our powerful augmented analytics surfaces insights you might miss, revealing key metrics and their drivers.

“Workday People Analytics will show you areas that are often small enough to slip through company-wide analysis that, if acted upon, would greatly improve the metrics on a macro level.”

Benchmarking dashboard showing benchmark versus actual for diversity.

Raise the bar on your performance.

Improving performance starts with understanding how you’re doing today. With Workday Benchmarking, you can compare your performance against peers in our customer community to see where you excel and where you could improve.

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