Wellesley makes academic planning a breeze for students.

By creating a custom app, this leading higher education institution helps students declare majors and minors, select advisors, and submit academic plans.

High adoption across students, faculty, and registrar’s office

Streamlined declaration review and approval process

Increased agility gained from retiring external custom solution

Why Wellesley College chose Workday Extend.

Wellesley College has a strong relationship between faculty and students with advising serving as an integral component to student success. It was decided to transition away from the technologies students used to declare majors and minors because these systems challenged the small IT team’s ability to maintain them. Wellesley chose to take advantage of the core system Workday provided.

Workday Extend is a game changer for extending Workday functionalities. It is a low-code and versatile solution to build apps that use Workday’s own UI, data, and security, helping to increase user adoption.

CIO and Associate Provost

App deployed: Major/Minor Programs and Plans.

The Major/Minor Programs and Plans app—built using Workday Extend—allows students to declare or modify their major and/or minor, choose a faculty advisor, and submit their academic plan for approval. Available on desktop and mobile as an app and task, a custom security domain restricts app usage to students, faculty, and the registrar’s office. Separate apps offer faculty advisors and department chairs relevant insights. Academic progress was also customized to suit their needs.

Major Minor Plan dashboard shows students future courses they can take and provides ability to add or remove courses

We streamlined the student major/minor program declaration and course planning experience for students, faculty advisors, and department chairs—sharing a holistic view and the progress toward the student’s plan.


Benefits and results.

Workday Extend provides a rapid approach to build and deploy unique apps within Workday that retain the same look and feel while leveraging existing security and data. User feedback and adoption have been extremely positive, especially considering how complex the transition was from the previous approach using PHP and MySQL.

The initial version of the app was developed and tested within 30 days using Workday Extend developer resources, including app templates. With a goal to shift more processes into Workday, the team can now adopt a more agile approach, eliminating exporting data outside of Workday while retiring external systems.

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